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What is shopping, either to Buy or not to buy?

In modern understanding shopping (shopping) is the real occupation, comparable about a hobby, a disease from a number of dependences and at the same time, strangely enough, treatment. Shopping nervous breakdowns treat. Surprisingly, but sometimes happens it is very useful to be spent in ashes, without having left in a purse kopeks, it is simple to take - and limes all on some nonsense. This act of a dengosozhzheniye is comparable with a shock therapy.

I know a great number of women who in such way, natural to them, leave a stupor. Day was not taken, at work of trouble, the husband all the time is late (to what it?) children do not appreciate you, the mirror shows one shortcomings - what to do?

The only medicine - shopping. Fast you raise all money which is available in the house and with victorious prefeeling of financial debauchery you go there where expensive glass doors and the inscription " are invitingly open; sale awakes subconscious desires: these two skirts, and three more blouses, scarf and sviterok, and still jacket and oh, what fur coat .

At first - euphoria from the fact that dumped fetters. All is allowed! In the head there is no dialogue - only a monologue: I want, I can, I take . Adrenaline jumps up incredibly! I do not know whether such researches became, but I think that emission of adrenaline at the woman during shopingovy therapy by quantity is comparable with the fact that it allocates the predator which is catching up the victim.

At the time of spontaneous and unrestrained shopping the woman makes decisions, unusual for it: completely changes color scale of clothes or flavoring addictions. And how differently? Unless you remove stress or you will calm down mental anguish if you just are passed in a supermarket and you will make a stock of products for a week? Ridiculously.

Purchases have to breathe passion, pleasure of life, in them some surprise, something not recognized has to be concealed before My acquaintance in one such rush got a diving suit for diving though never before (and after that) came into water further, than up to a breast.

This ecstasy should be experienced. Everything is forgotten: obligations, plans, habits Full drowsiness And only one desire - something is eager to buy a red bulb in the head - and we buy

What then? New round of life. Any more there is no that money on which counted, so, it is necessary to think up how to make ends meet. This thought unexpectedly invigorates. All recent experiences depart for a background. There is a survival question: out-of-pocket, with obligations, and with this feeling of permissiveness which was so sharply felt yesterday. And what? I can do everything! And already affairs twirled, both mood, and vigorous thoughts - and through small time as a result - again money!

Researches established:

- women who went shopping 17 hours a week or more and spent over 200 dollars for a campaign, were more harmonous, stronger and much healthier than women who shopped less often and spent less,

- at inveterate visitors of shops is less wrinkles, at them power level is higher, they look more young and feel much younger,

- besides, considerable part of lovers of shopping are very sure of themselves and extremely seldom have a depression . (The quote from women`s magazine, www. passion. ru).

It is healthy! From what then arise shopingolik which already nothing helps to appease the passion to purchases and they wander about shops as sad ghosts with empty pockets because provident relatives davny - do not trust for a long time them money

A it, the friend, not important, to what at you dependence: to alcohol, drugs, food or shops. It another story altogether.