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How to derive benefit from the enemies? - 7 ways

Even at the best and kind people happen enemies. All have them, at least one. Times it is impossible to avoid it, it is necessary to derive a benefit maximum from the fact of their existence. So, that you get together with enemies

1. You learn who the true friend and who not the friend and not enemy, and so

Maxim a friend in need is a friend indeed does not become outdated. You are convinced of it when enemies begin approach. True friends will rise in your defense, will give a helping hand, will morally and physically support at a difficult moment. Well, having caught enemies, you know true friends better and will value them.

2. You will get new friends

Here the principle works: enemies of my enemies are my friends. Under laws of psychology all who hate the one who is hated by you a priori have a favorable opinion on you. If you managed to bring several enemies, then automatically find also several friends. The enemy works for you again.

3. You will become stronger and more self-assuredly than

Psychological fights temper will and teach military cunnings. Open or secret confrontation will always force to think, be soberly on the alert and to react instantly. Besides, the victory over enemies, even small, amuses vanity, and sometimes and inspires, raising a self-assessment.

4. You will be more significant figure

Dared to have enemies always commands respect and deserves attention. Certainly, provided that your counteraction is effective. Means, you have own system of values and the principles which need to be defended. Here you will see - you will be started to respect.

5. You will find the channel for an exit of negative emotions

All negative emotions which collected in a day you can mentally pour out on the head of the enemy. And here what is not recommended, so it to suppress rage and hatred, trying to prove thus the moral superiority. Enemies are created to vent the spleen upon them. Excessive restraint conducts to psychosomatic diseases, and nervous explosion and emission of a negative will happen sooner or later, and that is stronger, than longer you suffered.

6. You will begin to understand better people

the enemies and people around which are differently reacting to your confrontation will gradually deprive of you illusions concerning human nature. Over time trustfulness and naivety will disappear, ideas of the good and evil will change. You learn to look at the world without pink glasses, and it always at advantage.

7. You will correct the image by means of criticism

Friends out of politeness are silent about your shortcomings, the enemy will emphasize all your misses. But in it there is a positive moment - incentive at once to correct an error and in the future to be open to less criticism.