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In protection of the Maestro Rostropovich

Forgive generous, but it is impossible to present that Mstislav Rostropovich, as the fates decree the historic figure, national pride of Russia, was capable to trade in Homeland rarities. People of similar level belong to History and the historical Homeland. Even an opportunity does not come to our mind that copyright of Tchaikovsky`s music or Vysotsky`s song, for example, can be sold abroad.

Unfortunately, nothing it is possible to justify with nothing its majesty Fakt! The come true historic fact. The whole world personally observed it on the TV today. It is possible to think up a set of explanations and justifications for an act: need in money, impossibility to ensure due safety to old times objects, offense on official persecution, etc., etc. The fact remains: Rostropovich`s collection - Vishnevskaya, representing real part of the Russian Culture, part of Russia, will go from the hammer as potatoes in a market day.

I think, this act offended memory of the great person, great musician, Russian at the soul depth what we knew it, Mstislav Rostropovich. And the more so it is offensive that it cannot rise and protect the Honour! Justifications supposedly expelled us and we earned everything from scratch, are not accepted by me.

It is necessary to tell in protection of all collectors since their main objective is protection and enhancement of cultural heritage. That we thought of Tretyakov if at the end of life he sold out the collection out of borders of Russia? It is unlikely we could forgive him. To understand - yes, but to forgive and accept similar it is impossible. The spot on staff of the Hermitage (though, apparently, and his fault at our general sloppiness is insignificant), but as the Russian people arrived laid down! Both collectors, and directors (and how benefit?) antique shops. They returned the found values. Honor to them and praise - it is normal, properly, in Russian!

Of what madam Vishnevskaya is proud? The fact that she bought up lot at the Hermitage, using a difficult situation of the country? What sense is put by the great singer Vishnevskaya in the concept gratitude to the Homeland at least for the fact of the birth and education? Its act - a spittle in soul not only me.

I can understand when the new Russian nouveau riche in an indecent look disfigures in Antalya or in Courchevel, like the Russian merchant in Paris of the end of H1H of a century. It does not cause an irreplaceable loss to reputation of Russia on the world scene because everything is simple: went on a spree - from people, it is weak - with - pardonably. Still bright example: the orphan, as the fates decree (questions of prosecutor`s office) become the billionaire, buys not national football club Zenith or Spartak but Chelsea - yes, it is not pleasant to us, we do not accept it, but, eventually, its money - let puts where wants because at heart we understand, after his death nobody will remember it, it means nothing to History of the Country and, especially, its future. How many there was everyones lzhedmitriyev

But Repin one, Tchaikovsky - one, Tolstoy - one, and this our national property which even belongs not to us, and our children, grandsons, great-grandsons, as well as our forefathers. Even in times, the subsequent to destructive wars, we did not take trade in cultural heritage for gold, condemned and we will condemn, and we will do everything possible to return true richness of the country home.

Not all, not all is measured by money. It is a shame to me to explain it to Russians. Therefore when a star of world size, itself being national property of Russia, the representative of cultural elite, trades in rarities of cultural heritage of all Russia, it is not clear to me. The loss is not renewable!

By the way and what there are our natural resources, intellectual potential, women, children?!

What you do, Russia?!. Come round!