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How to feel on fishing as if fish in water? What for?

of the Man what to hide, love all it.

To it to all it except for women, soccer, cars and hunting, fishing belongs.

It is possible that roots of all this are covered in our remote past when women were engaged in collecting of berries, korenyev, herbs and mushrooms, and men were hunters and got animal food.

Of course, our ancestors knew about an animal and flora of the earth much, knew more us. Imparted the knowledge and abilities to sons, and those, in turn, to the sons. So some knowledge reached us. Not soon, on a chain. Something was erased from memory with centuries, something appeared new, over something scientists break the heads still.

Undoubtedly, there are all new and new technologies, but a lot of things from settled in the millennia remained is firm, almost did not change. Well, unless we began to apply on fishing carbon fiber fishing-rods, heavy-duty modern a scaffold, modern bezinertsionny coils, but it did not change a question essence.

Still it is necessary to apply baits and baits, also to sit ashore and to look at a float, a nod, a hand bell. It is natural that with development of technologies of people began to apply various cunnings and tricks. However, it almost did not affect life of inhabitants of reservoirs in any way. The perch remained a perch, a carp - a carp, a pike - a pike.

I want to begin with this article the publication of a series of materials about fishing, about underwater life, habits of fresh-water fishes. How they live as to catch them that can be prepared from river production. Why I decided to tell about fresh-water? Yes because I live in the center of Russia, and all my experience is connected with these places, these rivers, ponds and lakes. Pokhodnik and the fisher I with a long standing so, I think, me are what to tell you of, and you, I hope, will be not dull.

In fact, fishing it is impossible to call an urgent need today, we do not starve to death. Nevertheless, fishing is very useful occupation, call this hobby or sport, there is no difference. Fishing is interesting in itself, beginning from preparation for it and finishing with process.

Fishing allows the person to stay alone with the nature, to distract from a huge number of stresses which are saved as a snowball. If you like to fish whether then you tried to ask yourself a simple question: what you think on fishing of? And - about a miracle! The miracle is covered in the answer to this simple question! On fishing how many you would not try, you will be able to think only of fishing!

What else fishing gives to the keen person, except rescue from stresses? I can call weight useful. The fisher is not satisfied with what has already been achieved, does not go in cycles in routine, is in continuous search. Everything is interesting to it, as for catching methods, the processes happening under water and influencing quality and the number of production are interesting, novelties in the field of tackles are interesting. If there are no suitable devices, then the fisher - the fan by all means does them.

The fisher always tries to comprehend by practical consideration different cunnings of this, apparently, simple skill. And as simple if sometimes it is necessary to remember both physics, and chemistry, and applied mechanics! It is natural what each fisher has in a grist the whole mountain of the ideas and methods, several tens fishing baizes for all occasions among which there is darling whom he is ready to lie to all and always are always laid up!

As to feel on fishing, like a duck to water? Yes it is very simple! It is necessary to study features of reservoirs, habits, bents, features of life, instincts of different breeds of fishes, them culinary addictions, daily routine (breakfast, lunch, dinner!).

Besides, it is necessary to understand well all types of the applied tackles, to be able to repair them, to contain in a due state, to do most. Still it is necessary to know much about safety of behavior at water, methods of first aid, canopies, tents, climatic conditions of the region where the next fishing is planned, to know the legislation... and to know how to cook dishes from the production, at last.

Here we will also speak about it in the whole series of articles devoted just to fishing.