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To catch red-handed. Whether it is necessary to convict the husband of incorrectness?

As were used to say by the hero of the famous animated film: If an acorn ripe - his each pig devours! The bad man is not necessary to either the wife or the mistress, and good each woman (if she, of course, not the fan of a harem) wants to own undividedly.

Most of married women are sure of soul that:

1 - if the husband begins to change, then they will define it instantly;

2 - their husband definitely will never make it.

However, life convinces us of the return. From where - that statistical 47,3% of adulteries (and 2/3 from them change man`s) undertake, and if the husband changes, then the last the wife learns about it, as a rule. Paradox, but the most obvious signs of incorrectness, often remain unnoticed even very acute wives. Perhaps, it occurs because any woman actually does not want even to think that the husband can have another.

My schoolmate Tatyana endured divorce from - about changes of the husband. About what the husband changes it, all acquaintances guessed. Always Sasha who is carelessly belonging to the appearance, suddenly became an example of style. Clothes as from a cover of the magazine, fashionable perfume and a hairdress, the abrupt cell phone, it even as though became higher growth. In the speech unfamiliar intonations and turns appeared. Earlier, darling the vacation spot, Sasha considered a sofa in front of the TV, in the day off no force could lift it from there. Now he suddenly was fond of fishing, decided to visit the pool, fell in love to help the parents at the dacha, etc. etc., well he jumped out each day off since early morning from the house as scalded and came back home only by midnight. The poor Tatyana tortured at the sleepless nights over a bed of their eternally ill little son, about existence at its blessed petty intrigues on the party, surely answered shy hints of girlfriends: Well you! It cannot be! Simply, Sasha is tired at work, he needs in the day off some outlet ? And everything ended sadly, to this to an outlet it also left

But also other extreme happens. With Lena we worked side by side at one office 3 years and all this time, with frequency of times a month, Lena was visited by thought that the husband changes it. It right there shared this thought with us, referring as the proof, the found by it, incontestable proofs. The most ridiculous was the fact that Elena`s husband was some there handsome man and the thorough lady`s man, and the silent and modest workaholic wearing spectacles and with a portfolio, looking at him, the question steadily came to mind: And how it in general he managed to marry? Lena in response to our shy attempts to protect, it is certain in anything not guilty spouse, answered: Appearance is deceptive. And in general, still waters run deep .

One case was especially indicative. As always, next day after a salary, Elena came to work with eyes, swelled up and red from tears. From a threshold having rushed to the first-aid kit, she grabbed a valerian and began to shake convulsively a bubble over a tea cup. On our question: What, after all, occurred? . She rolled up eyes and, hardly constraining sobbings, said: I said to you what it changes me! Here - look! . And it got a paper bag from a handbag. Having glanced in it, we found three red short and brilliant hairs. I find several days these hair on shoulders of his jacket! - Elena exclaimed: Well, and from where they, in your opinion, undertook ?! In reply unanimous silence because Elena`s spouse (the colored blonde) was bald as a billiard ball followed. Two more weeks proceeded persistent attempts of Lena to catch the spouse red-handed. Shadowing the unfaithful husband did not yield any results, except for the money spent for a taxi and personal (and the worker) time. And in two weeks of intolerable sufferings, passing by a hanger in a hall, Lena found, the presented to the husband by his own mother, mohair scarf. Red hair mistresses were hair of an innocent animal.

And there is also the third option of succession of events. And cheerful 40 - the summer woman we got acquainted with Natalya interesting in kindergarten, our children visited one group. Natalya`s husband, the high cheerful healthy fellow, on all children`s morning performances was invariable Father Frost and, in combination, other fairy tale characters. Somehow, in conversation with Natasha, I praised artistic abilities of her husband: It was lucky your little son with the father, is to what to learn . Also heard in reply: You know, 2 years ago we nearly divorced. Nikolay brought the mistress. She very much wanted that it left a family, itself called me home and told about their communication. At first I wanted to make row, to tear wedding photos on his eyes and to file for divorce. And then calmed down and began to think, that I have a beautiful careful husband who besides not bad earns and hands at him are implanted by that end to what it is necessary, he adores our son, my mother and all my numerous aunts and it practically has no shortcomings! And here rare treasure I have to present it to some woman absolutely unfamiliar to me?! Well is not present! As a result, when the husband returned, I not only met him with open embraces, but in relation to him became even more attentive and more gentle. One man`s guess is as good as another`s, what it costed me! The mistress, probably, did not expect such turn of events and nerves at her gradually began to hand over. I think, she took great pain to incline it to divorce, and to get divorced from wife if houses family idyll, any normal man does not become. Soon I understood that they left .

Now, dear women, we will sum up the results. So, suppose, that proofs are found out and that the most sad, they were confirmed: you for certain knew of change of the husband. You do not hurry to tear the hair and to burst in type monologues: I gave you the best years, fed, erased, gave birth!. And you!? Ungrateful!.

of the Man passion as do not love similar scenes to whom pleasantly the rascal - that to feel? Therefore if you were not pleased by prospect again to become the free girl, collect all the will in a fist and pretend that you do not guess anything. It is difficult, but judge: if for the apostate the extramarital affair is temporary, is a petty intrigue and no more than that - he will return to the family center soon, having estimated all its delights with a bigger force. And if it is love? Then, all of you are equally powerless something to make.

Happiness to you, dear women, and less reasons for jealousy.