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What prospects of earnings on rates? A grant for beginners.

Each man at least once in life also dreamed to earn additionally a little. You never know on what, on the brand new foreign car or on a fur coat for the wife - at each desire and requirement different.

And if an opportunity to earn additionally is combined with the passion adjoining on ecstasy when heart becomes big - big and it seems what will jump out of a breast, and then, without restraint beating, fades?

People of special character, players by nature - to risk and win, with huge emission of adrenaline dream of such earnings.

But whether there is a possibility of such earnings today? When on all cities of Russia all casinos and gaming machines are closed, and go to regions specially allotted for this purpose only very wealthy or reckless people can?

Such opportunity is, and I on a personal example will try to tell about it.

This type of earnings is known to much, but not everyone owing to various reasons thinks of it.

So, this usual bet - the agreement on a prize between the player and bookmaker office based on risk on which the defeated party has to fulfill the undertaken obligations for rates. The rate is a sum of money which the participant of a bet puts in game (bet) and loses in case of loss, and in case of a prize the rate comes back to its owner, increased several times. Rates happen single, the express and in the form of system.

The essence of a bet is that the player has to guess an outcome of the sports event chosen by him, for example, a football match Spartak - Zenith . Bets happen various: the rates, on a victory, a draw or defeat of one of teams, the team, the certain player, or not, - in each sport will chuck in result of a match. So, in our example you put 500 rub on a victory Spartak with coefficient (in abbreviated form kef.) 2,3 and if your rate played, then you receive (500 * 2,3 = 1150 rub) . Fine, isn`t that so?

This type of earnings is good the fact that at the beginning big investments are not required; it is possible to tell that it is an intellectual type of earnings. Bookmaker collection points for rates (in the people they are called by boxes) are almost in all cities of Russia.

In the subsequent, at the successful beginning of your new enterprise, it is possible to buy home the personal computer, to carry out the Internet and to play on sports rates on the Internet. Your obedient servant and made: at the first good prize I bought the personal computer, carried out phone and connected the Internet, now I earn from rates, without leaving the apartment.

And now the main councils for the beginning players: it is not necessary to think that each rate is a luck and good luck. Before you begin to put, study that sport from which you want to earn - for example, tennis, hockey, soccer...

Here at the beginning you will gather information from newspapers, television, well and, of course, from the World wide web the Internet. I for myself chose soccer because I since the childhood was interested in this sport because this sport is beautiful and available, well what to paint there. Probably, each man is not indifferent to soccer. But it is necessary to remember that, despite the seeming ease, to predict the result of game very difficult - it is a command sport and if, say, in tennis all solve power qualities of athletes, giving, experience, character, then, often, from - for mistakes of one player (and in the field of them on 11 with everyone the parties) your rate can lose in soccer. At the same time play teams of 90 minutes, players can be tired, be traumatized, the rain can go and the account can exchange any minute, for example, in the 89th minute was 1 - 0, and on 90 - y 1 - 1 and everything, your rate of bit.

Therefore it is necessary to choose a rate after careful consideration, to carefully get information on the injured players, about new acquisitions of stars, about change of the trainer in team (sometimes it urges forward team), it is necessary to analyse statistics of meetings between teams, to look what tasks at club. Sometimes happens even so that in day of game at the owner of the team birthday, and already the weak, in your opinion, team beats one of leaders of the championship, despite of eminent the opponent`s stars.

Generally, a lot of time for collection of information will be required, but experience comes over time, there is the technique of selection of a rate, the intuition is shown, at last, besides at the beginning it is possible to stake with secure, for example, on a match Spartak - CSKA you put 1kh in case Spartak will win or will draw, your rate played, but coefficients on such rates small, on average 1,4 if you take a flawless victory, a draw or defeat of one of teams, coefficient from 1,9 to 6 is offered.

It is possible to play single rates, expresses and system, in more detail about these rates you learn from rules of bookmakers, I will give only important advice - the beginning player should begin with single rates.

Game on the Internet except comfortable house conditions (and if you shustryak, then it is possible to play also at the main work!) it is good the fact that the minimum rate here from 5 rubles whereas in boxes from 20 rubles.

The beginning player can train, accumulate experience on here such minimum five-ruble rates, and in process of experience to put larger. Besides in game on the Internet there are rates layf when you can put money any minute of a match, i.e. on the game course, in parallel watching a match on TV (if it on the air). So you can analyse in more detail the course of a duel and make a sure bet. Try

, risk, dare and you remember: in this type of earnings there are many reefs. Good luck to you and luck!