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What is useful for a dog and it is interesting to children?

to Dogs, as well as us, are necessary physical activities. Often at owners time only to jump out with a dog to take a walk lasts not for long. The rural dog in general is seldom unchained. But even long walks not always load a dog, especially big enough.

I remember how sent the East European sheep-dog to Lyne from hills on the river bank Cauldrons 40 years ago, throwing a tennis ball down. Height was meters fifty, and slope length - meters three hundred. Loading was good, run, only balls, happened, were lost. And Laina with a guilty look came back.

But not always in places of festivities there are such height differences. Being a clubman of office dog breeding of DOSAAF, I always trained the dogs in towage of the skier. There was such type of training. It is and now. But it is possible to train a dog in it and independently. Physical activity will be provided to it. And for shorter time, than at usual walk. In the summer for this business it is possible to adapt the small cart, as shown in the photo at the beginning of article.

Especially actively we were engaged in it in 90 - e years. My sons and a German shepherd Chip were about one age. Were also great friends. And all three needed physical activity.

What is necessary for towage? In total - navsy a special breast-band which is on sale in pet-shops. Better with two rings for fastening of a tow on each side, than with one from above. So the dog can be operated not only voice, but also reins. Reins can be picked up too, or to buy a strong lead 4 - 5 meters long, and since other end to sew a carbine too. Options with one or two reins are shown in photos.

How to train a dog? Too it is simple. At first to accustom to a breast-band, putting on it some time. Then, having fastened reins and having slightly pulled them, to give the " command; Forward . To accustom to loading gradually. If the dog is not trained in teams, someone can conduct at first her for a lead or to go ahead. The dog usually quickly understands what from her is required. Much just like to pull when not the collar squeezes a throat, and on a breast a convenient breast-band. Then it is necessary to train in turns. Words, and it is better together with twitchings by reins in the necessary party. And, at last, to train to stop. Word To Stand . If the dog badly obeys - to shout To Lie or To me .

Skis and the sledge need to be slowed down too not to run over a dog, and that she will be afraid then of it. For the cart it is better to use shafts, for example from ski sticks in the summer.

For small doggies it is possible to think up towage imitation too, tightening to itself the lead going from a breast-band. Or to teach to carry the cart with a doll. Children will think up.

That`s all. The dog will receive necessary physical activity, and children - the sea of pleasure.