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Fight with a sword. What the beginner needs to know?

the Sword as an apparatus is just incredibly effective. With its help force (practically all muscles higher than a waist), endurance, dexterity, speed of reaction perfectly develops. Since simple uncertain blows bluntly it is possible to reach quickly enough such skill that all Jedis from Star wars will nervously smoke, being lost in contemplation of the smooth and perfected movements of your blade. But for this purpose it is necessary to train diligent.

For a start take a sword in a hand, lift it up on an outstretched arm, estimate weight. It should not be very heavy or be filled up in different directions, but weight has to be felt constantly. As soon as in the course of occupations seems to you that the blade was facilitated, at once replace it with more massive. And when you will understand the basic principles of work with a sword, for trainings choose the heaviest. Let you will be tired in three minutes, but weight will settle soon, and the hand will always strong hold any cold weapon.

Do not forget to make small warm-up for hands, for this purpose take in both hand on a sword and just wave with them here and there - as scissors. After a while ask the workmate to abandon in your party small branches, and you these " scissors; beat off them. It is very important to learn such exercise as eight : for this purpose just you move before yourself a hand, as if describing this figure (vertical - 8 and horizontal - ∞) ; when more - you get used less, take a sword in a hand - and remember that in this exercise is paramount the shoulder, but not a forearm and the more so not a brush has to work. Quite good before exercises several times to be wrung out or be tightened, it is possible to walk on hands. It is extremely important to warm up a wrist as as practice shows, it is injured most often.

It is necessary to begin to fulfill blows further. Best of all for this purpose will approach head - the block of automobile tires (externally it will be similar to a big punching bag and it is necessary to hang up it at the same distance from the earth). Adopt the correct provision: legs are slightly bent, to raise an outstretched arm with a sword against 45 degrees, then to bend in an elbow at right angle. From this situation you strike blows in a head, you will not be tired yet. It is possible a task to complicate and move around the purpose diversely. Very effectively there takes place training with a head when on the other hand blows are struck by other person.

The following step of training - blows of a sheaf. It is the for this purpose best of all to pick up the workmate, but the head or a tree as a last resort will approach. The sheaf is the girdled order of drawing certain blows. For example, at first you strike the directed blow from top to down, and your opponent puts the block, then it beats, and you are protected - and so without being interrupted, increasing the speed and force of blows. Sheaves can be different, it depends on your imagination and opportunities. Just you carry out blows from the different parties, and the workmate will reflect them (do not forget that the movements have to repeat from a circle in a circle).

Here also hour of the fight came. This the most important in all training - here you have an opportunity as it is possible to develop reaction to unexpected blows better; to develop force, dexterity, breath; to learn to catch fleeting prerequisites of movements of enemy blow; to perfect the technology of possession of a sword, cleaning the excess movements. You seek and be not afraid to participate in battles with stronger opponent - at first it will be difficult, but your training will go much more effectively. In fight there are nuances:

1. you Watch legs - very important in them not to be confused and in time to take a convenient position concerning the opponent that it was possible to razmakhnut more conveniently hands, to weaken tension, and, above all, to quickly change situation at attack, reflection of blow or retreat.

2. move More. Jump, squat where there is opportunity (even fall and somersault), you bypass the opponent from the different parties, change the provision of a sword quicker. Exhaust and confuse the rival, but the main thing - do not exhaust.

3. Use the deceptive movements - threaten in one direction, and strike in another, play artificial falling.

4. you Look not at a blade or the rival`s hands, and you try to catch his eye. Only his eye will show what it wants to make at present. But, nevertheless, the weapon of the opponent should not leave your field of vision that you knew where to conduct the sword.

5. At fight with several opponents you have to know (to feel a nape, it is possible to tell) what at you occurs behind the back. business is business - attack behind is not forbidden.

There is that basic that the person who conceived to begin to train with a sword should know. This very beautiful, original and useful occupation, but never forget about the safety - use protection and you watch the state; timely rest will only be useful. Take care, success in fight!