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How it is correct to carry out meditation?

At stay in a sedentary meditative pose of a palm are usually put on knees by the back up ( the hand is closed ) or down ( the hand is open ). When the palm is open, the bent big and index fingers are connected in a ring, and three others are directed forward (so-called Dzhiani - is wise ) . Such situation at the same time closes a biofield, and promotes mind stabilization, acquisition of a state intellectually - mental balance, and adjusts meditating on feed space energy. Dzhiani - can be wise is useful also in Shavasana when hands are extended along a body. In certain cases it is possible to use situation with the closed palm. Expediency of this or that option is defined by intuitively meditating.

Irrespective of commitment to this or that philosophical school or the professed religious doctrine (for example, Christianity or the Buddhism) practice of meditative exercises includes a number of the general rules followed at all types of meditation. They are as follows:

1. Meditative exercises have to be carried out in the quiet place, it is desirable outdoors or in the certain room. Noise of motor transport, loud laughter or scandal behind a wall, possible invasion into the room of other people is inadmissible. Presence of strangers is undesirable and is even unsafe if only they are not engaged in meditation. Ability to plunge into the concentrated state (and at fatigue or a sleep debt it is especially notable) is very strongly influenced by feeling morally - mental safety. The person needs to feel that nobody will be able to interfere with his occupations or to intrude in his mental world.

2. It has to be indoors warm and cozy, before its occupations it is necessary to air well. However during occupations the window leaf has to be closed, any movements of air (especially - drafts) are inadmissible, as well as pungent smells. Meditation can be helped by music and smells of smoking sticks.

3. In view of some delay of blood circulation during meditation it is necessary to put on more warmly; it is important for prevention of catarrhal diseases.

4. As the best time for occupations &mdash was already mentioned above; 4 - 5 o`clock in the morning or 7 - 8 o`clock in the evening. The mantra - meditation is admissible at any time.

5. Meditation after food is inadmissible. From the moment of the last meal has to pass not less than 2,5 - 4 hours, and are more plentiful later than a meal - not less than 4 - 5 hours.

6. Occupations after acceptance of alcohol or right after smoking, and also spicy and salty food are strictly forbidden.

7. Before meditation it is necessary to clean teeth, it is desirable to take a hot shower, and to put legs with hot salty water (well removes negative energy), to clean fingers a language root. All clarifications are made only prior to occupations, but not in an interval between separate exercises.

8. Meditation with pain in a backbone speaks about an organism zashlakovannost. If energy at meditation does not go it is necessary to make a cleaning enema.

9. To do the exercises demanding not less than 10 - 15 minutes, put near yourself an alarm clock, then thoughts will practically not be connected with monitoring time, and the call of an alarm clock will be, at the same time, exit point from meditation.

10. The task is set for meditation. Example: I begin meditation to update power it is better to feel, to be in harmony with itself that all bodies rejuvenated, and I will return surely because, I, the terrestrial person, I am waited by people, and I live on the earth .

11. Having finished exercise, you do not hurry to rise and start another matters. Stay still some time in loneliness (approximately throughout 1/4 all duration of meditation). It is desirable to read several times a prayful formula (aloud or mentally) or a fragment of any Scripture. Especially it is not necessary to start at once food, vain affairs, to watch TV etc. Give the chance to all positive effects to be fixed.