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What is psychogymnastics?

Psychogymnastics are used more and more widely, and the experts applying it - practicians carry to this method more and more various technicians, sometimes even - any complex of psychological exercises.

Probably, by analogy with gymnastics per se which designate, as we know, receptions and ways of systematic movements of a body or its separate parts for the purpose of strengthening of all organism or separate muscular groups and development of dexterity, accuracy and speed in the various movements .

We will try to understand. The term appeared in the middle of 1970 - x from an easy hand of the Czech psychologist of Ghana Yunova. She created system of receptions on the basis of the psychodrama (about the psychodrama it is possible to read here). And today some trainers (is more often - in business - the sphere) consider as psychogymnastics playing of any sketches. But initially it was talked of nonverbal, i.e. dumb exercises.

By the way, in Psychotherapeutic encyclopedia B. Karvasarsky (1998) the psychogymnastics is defined as one of nonverbal methods of group psychotherapy which cornerstone use of a motive expression as the main communication medium in " group is;. its Sense consists in expression of experiences, problems, emotions by means of movements, a mimicry and gestures.

The psychogymnastics in group occupations begins with preparation, develops in a pantomime, and then smoothly passes into a final stage. Each stage has specific tasks and features. But before to speak about them, it is worth being defined - and what for? If on - scientific, then it is about so-called reconstructive psychotherapy which provides self-knowledge and development through expression of feelings and emotions.

And now - is slightly more detailed about process. In a preparatory stage the corresponding spirit is created. Participants make active attention and sensitivity to the movement, to the " language; bodies, to expression of feelings and ability to read their manifestations. It helps to create a confidential situation and forms interest in forthcoming.

Someone, perhaps, will want to object supposedly without interest nobody came to training. Well, then we will call it fixing and podderzhaniyemiznachalny interest (though it is impossible to claim, strictly speaking, that it by all means was a priori. The person could come for the solution of the problems, and having learned what will occur - to be frightened, to be closed to oppose). Here is how time these fears and bans are also removed before passing to an essence.

Ways and receptions there is a set. Well, for example, change by the principle when on a sign of the leader those, at whom is present at clothes blue (red, yellow, white), are interchanged the position color who has brown eyes, etc. In each round one chair with the corresponding consequences for the stood gaping player cleans up. You remember such children`s game? So it, appears, psychological.

Or conversation through " glass; - i.e. participants of his each other do not hear. Or mirror - repetition of a mimicry and gestures one after another. Certainly, after each game it is discussed: as as. Smiles and jokes - indispensable satellites of this exchange of opinions, and the atmosphere becomes just radiant. I speak not by hearsay how many time saw and participated!

Warmed and razokhotivshiyesya to play participants, passing to the following stage - a pantomime, choose a subject. Any. Delay for work, detection of the thief, an illness, quarrel, the conflict in a family Someone represents actions, and someone copies representing - for greater presentation. Also alternative options can be played. Generally, creativity rages.

By the way, nobody can foresee as events will begin to develop: they can be (and most often appear) a surprise even for this purpose who offered a subject, proceeding from own requirements and interests, and began to represent the logical approach to a situation but suddenly everything changes and flows on the unpredictable course.

And then (in final part of a meeting) discussion is held. It is very important that as a result at one of players tension which could arise from a spontaneous current of a pantomime that nobody not " did not remain; got stuck on the culmination.

To Get stuck at all is not necessary anywhere. Therefore I wish all to alternate tension to relaxation: physical, emotional and other. It - as a breath and an exhalation, that is - breath of life.

And we will talk about children`s psychogymnastics separately...