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Banks offer. We choose. OFBU or deposit?

the Range of banking services promptly develop. Crediting, deposits, is settlement - cash service, currency, depository transactions - here not all list of banking services.

Historically it developed so that the deposit (contribution) is the most widespread service among the population of Russia. And not without justification! The deposit is good means of accumulation and brings a certain percent. Today the deposit - the only investment tool with initially stipulated profitability. Except profitability, the term for which money, as a rule, from 3 months to 3 years is placed is in advance claimed.

Shortcomings of a contribution are that the percent on the deposit received as a result does not cover inflation, thereby depreciating money. Besides, only to 400000 rubles it is protected by the state in the Deposit insurance system.

According to experts if the term of an investment of money less than a year, then the best investment tool, than the deposit not to find. And if term over a year? whether

Exists alternative to a contribution? Really for rather long term of development of a banking system modern, more interesting possibilities of preservation of money did not appear?

10 years banks offer service of collective trust management (OFBU). The general funds of bank management is an association of means of a great number of investors, for the subsequent management of them of professionals.

We will note the most important points characterizing a banking service of OFBU:

1. The Bank - the Trustee who is interested in receiving as it is possible bigger, the income operates money.

2. Money is invested in the Russian and foreign securities, currency, derivative tools, precious metals.

3. Term in the contract is not specified. It means an opportunity to withdraw money from fund at any time of

4. Money is stored on bank accounts of Russia or bank, authorized by the Bank of Russia. All sum enclosed in OFBU - is insured from bankruptcy of Bank - the Trustee.

5. Profitability can only be predicted, the exact figure is unknown.

It is worth specifying that for term only conservative foundations which are set up on bonds over a year can make alternative to deposits. Their purpose - obtaining the uniform income. It is expedient to begin acquaintance to OFBU with these funds. Profitability of bonded funds, on average, is twice higher than a rate on the deposit.

For investments for the term of more than three years there are funds with aggressive strategy. Their potential profitability is several times higher than profitability of conservative funds.

Activity of Trustees controls the Bank of Russia. For all history OFBU any fact of fraud was not registered.

Efficiency of investments in OFBU is indisputable. The sum of investments in funds is various, depending on bank. The minimum sum makes 1000 rubles for funds in rubles and $100 for funds in currency.

It is possible to say much. Anyway, only on a personal example it is possible to estimate the banking service checked by time - OFBU.

Financial wellbeing to you!