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What is the cyberpunk?

Now the cyberpunk exist as independent subculture which includes certain outlooks, the literature, music and other components characteristic of any subculture. But, unlike many other currents which usually began with music the cyberpunk began with literature. About the literary " direction; cyberpunk I would like to tell.

For a start let`s sort the word cyberpunk which was applied for the first time in 1983 by Bruce Betke, having called this word the story (strangely enough, not having to the cyberpunk - to the direction in literature of any relation). Word cyberpunk comprises two roots. The first - cyber points to communication with high technologies, and the second - punk - on communication with the punk - fate - culture and its outlooks: aspiration to freedom, a protest, asociality etc. of

Indeed. The cyberpunk is the direction of science fiction where the futuristic world is described (though now it does not look such far and futuristic any more, as in 80 - x years when the cyberpunk began) in which huge corporations and information rule the world. Here artificial intelligence and the virtual worlds - the normal phenomenon.

The hero of cyberpunk works differs from habitual literary heroes and on character is drawn towards the second part of the word cyberpunk - to the punk . Usually it is selfish, asocial also to it to spit on what will be with the world and people. Yes, during a plot, achieving the objectives, it can save the world, make something useful and good for mankind, but it does it incidentally, it is not its purpose. The only thing that he appreciates - it is freedom, and for the sake of it he is ready for a lot of things: fight against corporations, social system, artificial intelligence and all others who try to encroach on it. Such hero, apparently, has to push away the reader the not heroic in the way, but often everything happens on the contrary and this image attracts the reader with the realness and honesty in the image of his thoughts and experiences. The cyberpunk - the hero is also obligatory line ability to skillfully use high technologies.

The most famous representatives the cyberpunk - the directions in literature are: Bruce Sterling (it is considered the founder and the main ideological engine of the cyberpunk), William Gibson, Pat Kadigan, Rudi Ryuker and others.

Entertaining is also the fact that the cyberpunk arose in times when computers only began to enter our life, but writers - cyberpunks could predict the subsequent prompt development of the computer equipment.

Often writers were familiar with computers only by hearsay. For example, William Gibson simply thought out the majority of technical terms. He thought up the term cyberspace .

Now, reading to the cyberpunk - works, it is interesting to find similar lines of the modern world and world described by writers. Involuntarily you reflect: maybe, really, our world will become the pessimistic world of high technologies soon?

It is necessary to hope that the world created by writers and will remain a fantasy.