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Children! Be going to school! We choose a backpack for your kid

As often we go to shop with desire to buy a thing necessary to us. To take at least purchase of such simple thing as a school backpack. When we come to shop we are lost. The choice is huge. A set of color coloring and entice. And the child asks to buy too, as from the schoolmate. And we, even without reflecting, we choose the first thing which was pleasant to us and we go to the seller. But not everything is as simple as it seems at first sight.

The backpack has to have the strict form. If the backpack has the strict form, in the future you will avoid desire to push into it as much as possible things. At the same time lightnings will remain much longer. Check as lightnings go. Whether open freely / are closed. By the way about lightnings. All the time somewhere leave . If you are at odds with the sewing machine, then in the future it is necessary to carry a thing in repair. And it is expenses. It is quite possible that the backpack, with the usual tied rope passed through several rings makes sense to take.

In the place of a prileganiye of a backpack to a back of the child there has to be a consolidation. If one of books rests to it against a back, he will not feel it.

You remember. Fashionable - not always practical. And, above all, not always convenient.

In some bags there are metal frameworks. The mass of such built-in iron can reach up to 500 g. Look at several models. One of them it is easier. Others - it is heavier.

Straps have to be wide. Thin will cut plechiko.

Define that the kid in him will carry. Only textbooks or sportswear too. If textbooks, then it does not make sense to take very big backpacks.

Check connection of seams. Lines. The conscientious producer has lines always equal. And backpacks after washing are not painted.


Bright colors quite cheerful. At the same time on light dirt will be noticeable over time. Take something not striking. Something in neutral tones.


As if the child did not handle things: accurately. Or not really. Your same creation. You want to save on it?

Number of offices.

The more the better. And at the same time not all from them are used by



Skin. Durable. Has are notable weight. Road.

Synthetics. Costs not much. Quickly it is (relatively) torn. Try

" joystick;. Dense qualitative material.

When to buy.

September - - not the most suitable time. It is too much turns. To counters not to be risen. It would be better to make in August. Weeks for two prior to the beginning of an autumn season. As they say while it`s fine weather mend your sails .

Where to buy.

Central Department Store - - all this guarantees from the state and compliance with law About consumer protection .

market. Who trades there? What do they trade there in? Ask the country of the producer ilisostav goods and... they cheerfully smile and silly make a helpless gesture. Usually good producer cares also for a goods label. Writes the website. Return address. There is a bar code. Your new purchase can brag of such data?

Before giving money to the seller ask about opportunities of an exchange or a refund. You never know

the First purchase has to be unsuccessful!


Differently everything that here is written will fly by by your ears.