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How to bring up the child polite? Many parents want

that their child was polite. That, having appeared on a visit, he behaved quietly, did not interrupt adults, and leaving home without mother`s hint spoke: Good-bye - also waved the handle.

In life of it it is not so difficult to achieve, it is only necessary to make a few efforts and to stock up with patience.

Is a little it is impossible which should be explained to the kid.

1. It is impossible to stick to the person if you see that you disturb him or that he does not want to talk to you.

2. It is impossible to interrupt seniors, it is necessary to wait until they finish speaking.

3. It is impossible to pick at strangers a nose, to scratch and shout.

4. It is impossible to select others, it is possible to ask it for a while.

5. It is impossible to ask something from strangers.

6. It is impossible to be silent if you about something are asked.

7. It is impossible to ask the same question several times.

8. It is impossible to cry and ache if parents refused to you something, it is possible to ask quietly once again, through some time.

9. It is impossible to eat something tasty, without having shared with those who nearby.

10. It is impossible to sit on a sofa in footwear.

Of course, the list can be continued especially as in each family there are some rules and laws.

Explaining to the kid of the rule of politeness, do it not in the form of notations and when there is an occasion, for example, when the child made something not so . You speak language clear to it and surely reason all the it is impossible . It is easier for children to observe bans when they are not absolute therefore it is better to accompany each ban with some permission ( It is impossible to climb with legs on a sofa on a visit, but it is possible in the evening of the house with mother to esteem or look at animated cartoons ) .

For the correct behavior of the kid it is the best of all to encourage with caress and attention. And if the kid does something not so, ignoring, but not abuse and slaps on a bottom will be the most effective punishment for it. Often bad behavior at children is only a way to draw parental attention and if the attention does not appear, the child understands that his method is not effective and ceases to behave badly.

You should not forget also that correct and good the baby considers as behavior how mother and the father behave. And not only on a visit, but also in everyday life! The kid perceives any parental word or business as a sample!

For this reason it is necessary to pay special attention to how parents communicate among themselves, with other people and with the child. In relation to the kid it is necessary to follow the same rules of politeness, as to adults.

To explain to the baby of norm of etiquette and politeness there is a sense only if you observe them. If politely and validly to communicate with the child and with each other, the baby will not just remember these rules, but also will understand their sense.

Think of own behavior in house conditions when there are no strangers nearby. Whether politely you behave? Whether you observe those it is impossible to which you try to accustom the child?

If it is necessary, work a little and over yourself too, and then, through some time, having come on a visit with the child, you with pride will hear as he will tell: Dlaste! how business vasa? ...