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We begin to accustom the kid to a pot?

On a subject when and how to accustom children to a pot, there is a set of opinions.

People who raised the children even before emergence of diapers it is proud declare that their children went to a pot in a year. Others say that their babies till 1,5 - 2 did not even know what is a pot and quietly did without it. But which of them is right?

Of course, earlier, when mother had to wash constantly diapers, she wanted to accustom the baby to a pot as soon as possible. She just waited the necessary moment and landed the kid on a pot where it it is safe did the things . Mummy could consider that the baby it is already accustomed, but actually it just developed a conditioned reflex.

For the small child process of mastering a pot looks much more difficult, than adults can imagine. It is absolutely hard way and in order that it is successful to pass it, need many abilities :

- feeling the child of a desire in a toilet;

- conscious delay process ;

- exact knowledge of the place where there is a pot (well if it costs on the same place), and roads to it;

- ability to take off clothes;

- the correct usazhivaniye on a pot;

- relaxation of the holding muscles;

- process ;

- ability to wipe buttocks and to put on (or to call someone adult to the aid).

Unless the one-year-old child is capable to learn all this? No, of course not! Consciousness in these questions appears to years to two, but in 1,5 years of the child it is necessary to disaccustom to diapers not to miss an important point, and slowly to acquaint with such subject as a pot.

In order that the kid learned surely them to use, he at first has to get used to him and study from all directions. Do not wait that the child quietly will begin to write to a pot in the first day. He does not know yet what is it for what it, and can easily take it for a toy.

How to understand that the baby already it is ready to schooling? There are several sure signs which will help attentive parents.

1. At the child the regular chair is observed.

2. The child remains dry not less than 2 hours.

3. The child reports that it is time to change a diaper.

4. Words or actions lets know what wants in a toilet.

5. Remains dry after a day dream.

6. Can independently remove and put on shorts, reach a pot.

Existence of all signs is optional! If coincides at least two - you can safely begin acquaintance to a pot.

That process of schooling went quicker and more smoothly, from parents too which - that will be required.

1. To guess the moment and to define the signs given by the child.

2. In time to remind the baby that it is time for it to descend in a toilet.

3. Not to force the baby to sit on a pot until it does not make everything that from it is required!

4. To provide a pot in sight of the child when that is required to it.

5. Not to show fastidiousness and not to swear if the kid was not in time .

6. Not to arrange a concert, joyfully jumping up when the baby made everything it is correctly, simply quiet to be glad together with the child and to tell it what he is a good fellow.

7. Of course to stock up with patience and to quietly wait when the kid learns.

8. To begin process schooling when the kid can carry a clothes minimum not to spend excess time for disposal of it.

If it is correct to do everything, then weeks through 2 - 3 baby will seize this hard process and will please parents with good result.