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What is the Abyssinian cat breed interesting by?

Often people dream of a pet. All family members begin to argue whom it is better to buy and see in the house. Perhaps, cat? It is playful and tender. No, it is better a dog - she is betrayed, more attached to the owner...

It appears, for such choice there is an alternative - an Abyssinian cat. It is possible to tell - the mix a bulldog with a rhinoceros . This lovely kitty has character which will satisfy wishes of all members of household of a family. As a dog, she will wait for you from work at a door, to be nearby that you did not do. You read the book - it will be near you, you cook in kitchen - will keep you the company. And if became sad, will be able to entertain you, having applied all cat`s tricks - playfulness, speed and softness . The Abyssinian will be for you the fine company.

the Ancient representative, an Abyssinian cat - the neigbour of the person.

It education cats - a sign of thousand-year existence near the person. Still sculptures of the cats similar to modern Abyssinians were found in ancient Egypt. And from history we know that Egyptians worshipped a cat as a sacred animal. Also many researches conduct to Africa, to Ethiopia (the ancient name - Abyssinia). In the 19th century the British officer brought from the African colony to himself home a lovely creature and called it Zul. So in Europe the first representative of breed of Abyssinians appeared. After 20 years felinological clubs of England placed new breed in the catalog.

There was also a crisis at new inhabitants Europe. With the fallen World War I suffered not only people, a loss suffered also Abyssinians. The only thing that helped them not to sink into oblivion - their birth rate. Exactly thanks to high birth rate some representatives of breed survived, and already in 30 - e years went to other countries.

Here such I am a cutie!

Owner of surprising wool. If attentively to look at a color, it is visible in three dimensions. As the hologram - at the movement wool shines and poured. In clubs this breed is designated by a kind of four colors: Ruddy (wild) - is reddish - a brown shade, Blue (blue) - is gray - blue wool, Fawn (faun) - lilovo - beige strips, Red - shokoladno - brown.

Abyssinians love when their wool is combed out, and it is necessary to do it only 2 - 3 times a month then cats just sparkle! Do not forget that they as all cats, like to play. Get in special pet-shops different features - balls, fur mice, rubber small fishes etc. And when you will want to have fun, a rest from household problems, just call the friend or girlfriend . The charm Abyssinians will win your hearts!

of Pleasant rest and long friendship!