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Who do I am? Which of ten your persons has the right to be called I ?

B each of us sit tens of persons. Some hides deeply, some acts on the life arena from time to time and plays the role.

Dear colleagues sometimes write about how to pull out this or that personality outside, to help it to overcome shyness or fear and to prove. Thanks for the help. It is a solvable task.

There are more important questions. Which of the persons who are in me - true I? Who has the right now to play the role? What to do with the others? To hammer with lashes and to put in an eternal gloom? To drive forever into the farthest corner of subconsciousness and to forget?

On a gold porch the tsar, the tsarevitch, the king, the king`s son, the shoemaker, the tailor sat. Who are you there is such? Leave quickly! Do not detain kind and honest people . Who does not remember a counting rhyme from the childhood? We returned now, in adulthood, to need of understanding and the solution of this children`s question. Who do I am there is such?

In each of us there are tens of persons. Why them there is a lot of? Why they are necessary?

Waking up in the morning, each of us - the child. Wiping eyes, approaching a mirror - understands that it is necessary to go to work, becomes the adult. At work someone - the minister, someone - the nurse.

In the minister there can be a poet, the libertine, the greedy person, the honest person and the greedy swindler, the sea captain, the astronaut, the employee of circus and a konezavodchik.

Coming home, he can become the exemplary family man and the loving father or the hating spouse, the fighter for purity and an order in the house or the sloven. In the nurse the divine feeling pity personality or the stale employee offended on the world for a scanty salary, the prostitute or the loving wife, sexually anxious nature or the cold unsolved woman, the artist or the singer, the altruistic creative person or the prudent monster aimed at getting of money in any way can wake up. There is a lot of them, these persons. Some sleep and wait for the train in due time to declare oneself.

Some of these persons constantly prove, and we create the certain opinion on ourselves or on other person. In my opinion, for performance of our vital tasks, for receiving experience and improvement of soul all persons are necessary. Each personality plays the role at a certain stage of a course of life. From time to time we make revaluation of vital values and we shift focus on other persons dozing in us. Some persons lose force from - for the fact that we do not pay them sufficient attention. Some blossom from inflow of energy and attention.

And still who I am? Set of persons? One or two - three of them, the most important? How to remove an arithmetic average to understand who I am such? I have an answer in which I do not apply for 100% truth. You, dear readers, learn about it a bit later.

It because the personality like count Monte - Cristo got out of me. She wants to conceal treasure for some time for now - to leave to the world and to listen to people.

I ask, dear colleagues and readers. If the question is interesting to you, comment. How to define who you are is such? Where true I ?