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How to store passwords?

Each active Internet user is registered on several blogs, forums, social networks and a great number of others online - the services facilitating his life on the Internet. And the password is necessary for all services, and it is desirable for each of them different. It is necessary for safety of the user.

And as there is a wish to think up one password even if it would consist of one flourishes and to use it on all services. But it is simply unsafe. If the malefactor learns the password from one service, then he will know passwords and for others. And it can significantly affect authority of the user, and in certain cases and for work of the person.

But if to think up passwords from nothing the meaning symbols and sticks is an easy problem, to remember all this not so - and simply, and often and it is unreal. And besides it is very inconvenient.

Here also you begin to keep passwords in the text file. And when they will be required, it is necessary to find this file, to open, find the necessary password and to copy it in a clipboard. But this way has more minuses, than pluses.

1) The file can be stolen. And if the computer costs at work, then colleagues or the chief can use it to look about what you talk on ICQ.

2) On your computer there can be a program - a trojan which will write down the data copied in a clipboard and to send to the owner, and that already knows how to use your passwords.

But progress does not stand still, and someone already thought of this problem and wrote special programs which can store passwords in one file.

There is a lot of such programs, but all of them work by the same principle. At start the program asks to enter the password, at the same time it will check it on durability (cryptostability and complexity) and in case the password does not pass by any criteria, new will suggest to enter and will generate it. The only thing that is necessary, so it to remember only this password. At the first start the program will create the ciphered file in which it will store passwords.

These programs allow to group and sort effectively separate records - for division of passwords from mail, ICQ and e-wallets. Support autofilling a web - forms. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in once the questionnaire, and further, having visited the website, a forum, the blog, you only press one button and the necessary fields will be filled. Very convenient thing, especially for those who are in job search.

It is also possible just to transfer a mouse the login / password from the program to the necessary entry fields a web - forms. Is suitable for forms where it is necessary to enter only login and the password.

In order that most not to invent difficult passwords, at programs there is a generator of passwords. You need to specify only number of symbols of which the password will consist; the alphabet and punctuation marks which will be included into the generated password.

And if necessary the list of passwords can be exported to the text file, and then to unpack or share with the friend - let will read your mail!

Good luck, also store reliably your passwords!