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How to improve memory?

the Modern person live in information surplus conditions, and good memory - key to success.

Of course, mankind passed a considerable way in creation of make-shifts of the help in cases if memory is a little limps : from setting of small knots to digital diaries. But nevertheless will never prevent to improve the abilities even if you straight off can remember several telephone numbers, or list how many passengers were in a share taxi in the morning on the way to work.

So, the attention is especially important for good memory . Only those objects to which we pay close attention leave clear ideas in our brain. Also it is absolutely impossible to remember what it did not turn out to concentrate on.

is Very useful to involve as much as possible sense organs during concentration of attention (and their whole five!) and to be attentive to fine details.

It is not less important to develop in itself observation .

Train this high quality. The simplest exercise consists in ability to see ordinary things. Put before yourself any ordinary thing (the book, a favourite mug, an ashtray) and quietly you look regarding some time then close eyes and try to remember this thing with the largest accuracy. Try to remember the size, shades of color, registration, fine details. Then open eyes and look at the same thing once again, note that you lowered. Repeat exercise until you do not manage to make the clear image which is completely corresponding to this subject. Begin to remember

with consideration of details, do not try to remember everything at once and entirely.

For example, try to remember someone`s person. Begin with details: consider a nose, eyes, a mouth, a chin, a hair color, a shape of the head.

But before executing this exercise, try to describe in detail an exterior at least of one of your acquaintances, and, maybe, you will be surprised with an ambiguity of your representation.

And in everyday life it is absolutely quite good to use the principle of a pause which will give time to estimate a situation, to think and will relieve you of quick decisions. For example, before leaving the house, make a pause, think of the switched-off electric devices, the closed windows, look round, then you will forget to make nothing, and also to take all necessary with yourself.

Sometimes concentration of attention is disturbed by excessive concern, to suppress it relaxation can help . If you worry from - about the fact that not in forces to remember something important - calm down, make several deep breaths and exhalations, and let yourself time think.

It is also very effective to use the method of associative storing . Many famous speakers used this ability and achieved excellent results. Let`s remember great Cicero. By preparation of the speeches it passed from one room into another, connecting appropriate section of the speech with a certain corner of the house, and later when pronouncing the speech in the senate he mentally repeated the way.

Develop a visual memory . For example, present the mind in the form of the camera capable to imprint pictures of surrounding reality from which you choose different images according to your interests.

Add personal comments (not necessarily aloud). They promote emotional and intellectual involvement in process of a data recording and help to leave a bright mark in memory.

Organize storing . For example, you want to remember an object of art. The remembered material can be classified by the following categories: material of which the subject is made color, the size, the price etc. Frequent viewing of material on a certain subject helps to use

without effort information at the right time. The more the volume of knowledge in a certain area, the become better memory in the field (professional memory can be an example).

It is good to remember one more effective way - it is repetition .

For example, to you it is extremely necessary to remember important material for reproduction it in a week. We read this material and right there we reproduce then to repeat it once again in 20 minutes. The following repetition is carried out in 8 hours, and then in a day, it is the best of all for the night.

But one of the main principles of good memory: installation on duration and completeness of storing. Certainly, remembered it has to be interesting to the person, it is comprehended and is clear.

Motivation is very important for memory. Let`s give an example: you set as the purpose to pass examinations, prepare, worry, hold large volume of knowledge in the head. Here you come to long-awaited examination, pull out the ticket, throw all the forces on capture of several questions, answer, receive a treasured assessment then you happily consider discipline passed in the record book.

Of course, quite often after delivery of such examination the learned information fast evaporates, as it is clear, the purpose was to pass examination, but not to use this knowledge long and thoroughly.

Besides all above-mentioned, the healthy nutrition can become the assistant also.

are necessary for cells of a brain For maintenance of good memory nonsaturated fatty acids thanks to which blood circulates better, so, more nutrients get to cages.

Nonsaturated fatty acids contain such products as cod-liver oil, sunflower, soy, rape, olive oil, nuts and sunflower seeds.

are Also not less important the carbohydrates which are contained in grain, vegetables (except beet and carrots) and the proteins rich with amino acids which are contained in fish, brown rice, lentil, red beans.

I is not harmful at all that vitamins A got to an organism, In, E, and also macro - and minerals, such as: iron, magnesium, zinc.

Is indisputable that it is better to use all above-mentioned products in moderate quantities.

At Daniil Kharms one character notices: Memory - it in general strange thing. As difficult there is something to remember and as it is easy to forget! Or: you will remember one, and you will remember absolutely another. Or: you will remember something hardly, but very strong and then you will be able to remember nothing. So too happens. I would advise all to work over the memory .

Yes, is difficult to challenge that it is necessary to work on improvement of memory. And, probably, the first what it is worth beginning work on memory improvement   with; - laziness overcomings (if, of course, it is present), works on itself.