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What two parts of a brain define reality in which you live?

Recently in Ryszard Antoni Wilson`s book Prometheus who rose read one phrase which me at once hooked . It furnishes the clue to quite strong changes in life. If you want it.

Before to voice this thought, a small prelude that it was clear that to what. And who where.

As if blasphemously (and at the same time it is banal) it sounded, but all of us live in the own world which mistakenly is accepted by many to objective reality.

Everything that we know about this most objective realities, are only set of the feelings received by us which passed through fancy filters of our cogitative device (reason, mind, logic - call, as want) created under influence time of extremely subjective beliefs, beliefs and the cogitative device of our parents, teachers, friends, mass media, etc. which, in turn, were created under influence

I.e., such subjectivity, even not in a square or a cube, and in infinitely big degree. And you still consider that you perceive objective reality? And what others perceive it also?

Meanwhile we come back to the mentioned filters. It is possible to call them beliefs, installations, belief - not an essence important. Important the fact that they are ready so that you were convenient to be trusted in that in what you want to trust.

And here I will afford the small quote from the book:

According to the remark d - ra Leonard Orr, the human brain behaves as if it consisted of two parts: Thinking and Proving.

Thinking can think practically of everything. As history showed, he can think that Earth is based upon backs of infinite turtles or that it is empty inside or that it floats in space. Millions of people trust in it.

Comparative religion and philosophy show what Thinking can consider itself mortal, immortal, at the same time mortal and immortal (reinkarnatsionny model) or even nonexistent (Buddhism). He can think that he lives in Christian, Marxist, scientifically - the relativistic or nazi world - and it is still not all options. As it was often observed by psychiatrists and psychologists (to greater disappointment of their medical colleagues), Thinking can think up to himself an illness and even recovery.

Proving is much simpler mechanism. It works under the only law: whatever thought Thinking, Proving it proves .

Ponder upon this phrase. It is simple and at the same time opens eyes on many things.

Someone thinks that it is awarded from above an original sin for which it receives all anti-humane punishments and someone believes in inevitability of karmic inquisition that he nakurolesit (well, the person lived happily) in antecedents.

And both of them will lay out to you a bottomless bag of proofs in favor of the reality or, in other words, outlook.

And if Thinking thinks rather passionately, Proving will prove this thought so consistently that you any more will never manage to overpersuade this person - even under a gun barrel (remember all kamikazes and shahids ) .

That for one - punishment for sins, for another - intrigues of destiny, for the third - bad luck, and for the fourth - only accident or coincidence.

Everyone will interpret the same event in own way, how proves it Proving.

And now address in yourself and remember what usually thinks your Thinking?

What you are lucky not more often than pink snow drops out?

That to the rich to become heavier, than the bum to tempt Madonna, and in general, by fair means you will not earn so much money ?

What on the provision of stars in the sky your life depends more, than on you?

Isn`t that so, you have a lot of proofs in favor of these thoughts ? Well, it is only your choice.

But equally well it is possible to believe that life - is happy the simple and indulging your whims piece.

That it is possible to grow rich with little effort and a navel nadryvaniye.

That successful to be very easy.

That it is very simple to find the second half.

That you define the future.

It is much better if Proving proves you it, but not those restrictions and installations that for years were saved in immense open spaces of your memory. Time it exists, let at least do useful work. Let pokalymit for your benefit, and you help it with it.

At least you will become much quieter, more self-assured and happier. And as at most yours reality validly will become more comfortable for you.

On - a last resort, it you will always find proofs...