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How to be if the child found parents behind sex?

It is known that children are not brought by a stork, they are not found in cabbage and do not buy in shop...

Many parents try to preserve children against information connected with sex and intimate relations between the man and the woman as long as possible.

But sooner or later the baby will have questions which it will be necessary to react and answer correctly.

Even if the child has the certain room and sleeps separately from parents, can happen so that at night he will enter a parental bedroom at the most inappropriate moment.

In such situation the main thing is correct to behave not to frighten the child who can be so confused and, perhaps, is frightened.

As it is possible more quietly stop process put on, trying not to show as far as you are confused, approach the child and quietly talk to him, ask why it to you came. Do not abuse it at all, do not raise the voice, it you will do it huge harm rather.

Children of preschool age often perceive the seen sexual scene as aggression of the father in relation to mummy. Therefore it is impossible to behave so that at the baby this opinion and fear, with it connected was consolidated.

Child reads out emotions from your face, your reaction to an event is much more important for it, the fact that he saw something. If you are angry or frightened, the kid will believe that in a parental bedroom really there was something terrible and frightening.

Let one of parents will take away the baby to his room, will lay in his bed, will read the book, will calm and will wait until that falls asleep.

Next day after the incident it is necessary to behave most naturally, not to hide from the kid of eyes and to answer quietly his questions if such follow, it is necessary to answer them sooner or later.

How it is correct to answer questions of IT? needs to be

ready to such conversation. You should not evade the direct question, if the child approached you, so you have to it explain everything. It is necessary to speak quietly and surely, without any confusion, applying the correct words and terms.

It is impossible to say that you so played . The child understands that game is something for children and can take offense that he was not taken with themselves. Ask that specifically he saw. Perhaps, he will tell that he saw how naked mother and the father just embraced.

If he was frightened by groans and the sharp movements, try to explain that it was not painful to you, and people sometimes make such sounds from pleasure. Do not forbid to ask questions on this subject, it will be better if the child hears answers from you, but not from someone foreign.

Explain that next time before entering a bedroom, it is necessary to knock at a door and to ask whether it can come.

That the similar situation did not arise, it is possible to put a latch on a door and in advance to teach the baby to be knocked. If there is no opportunity to sleep separately, hide under a blanket or for a screen. It will reduce probability that the child will see something.

Even if you very much are afraid to appear in a similar situation, do not refuse sex at all! Let it will be better short and irregular (for example, in soul or when the kid walks with the grandmother), it is better, than its total absence.

Family life very strongly depends on intimate...