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How to open club of sports poker at itself in the city?

on March 26, 2007 the head of Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sport of the Russian Federation Fetisovy V. A. signed the order on game " recognition; sports poker a sport in Russia. And it means that on the organization and carrying out games for poker there is no licensing, there are no charges for tables and so forth. That is, the license of the legislation on a gaming does not extend to the organization of games for poker.

What it can mean to the businessman or just the person who seeks to earn money? It is necessary to open the poker - club.

In order that to make it, you have to have the starting capital, according to the most conservative estimates - about 30000 dollars, in the majority of cases it is the sum of 70000 - 100000 dollars. If you have no such money then there are two exits: or to take the credit in bank, or to borrow friends. If you have nothing to offer bank as pledge, and friends do not trust you such money, then it is possible to try to open club together with them.

Also it is necessary to find the respective room, it is desirable closer to the downtown. It is hardly worth buying or renting the room less than 200 sq.m. Therefore you have to find the room with a sufficient area, and not in the poor area. Poker - clubs are visited generally well-founded by people. Very much I doubt that the interior of this room will suit you therefore, most likely, you should make in it repair, to adjust to design poker - club. It is quite logical to open in the same room of bars. Also as additional profit it is possible to put several billiard tables and to make the VIP - the room.

I think that for the city with the population of 800000 - 1000000 people (the average regional center) for a start quite there will be enough 3 - 5 tables, depending on a financial condition and mentality of the population. If affairs go well, then you will always be able to put still a couple of tables.

is Also required to you quite large PR - campaign, otherwise, even if your club will be really very good, then visitors in it will be a little, very few people will know about its existence. Therefore take care of that in your club at least once in two weeks poker tournaments were held. In the opening day of club will be to organize with very successful course a free buffet reception, it is possible even some competitions or draws, that is, as much as possible to draw public attention.

Poker - club - very profitable business if it is correct to arrange it. One table 5 - 5 collects during a day of on average 2500 dollars. But you should consider that very few people play on big rates at once, most of players prefers sweat - a limit 1 - 2.

Opening poker - club, you have to take care of specially trained personnel, profitability of your business will depend on it to a great extent. It both dealers, and pitbosa, and bartenders, and waiters, and protection. Perhaps, not superfluous will be to employ musicians or even a small orchestra. Of course, all of them should pay money therefore if you do not calculate the forces, then the option of your bankruptcy is quite possible. It is quite reasonable to make at first business - the plan and properly to think over everything.