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And you call this madness Business? And it was succeeded to earn from it?

Any business are a madness

But great wisdom is in choosing Madness! Give

before such important issue we will relax, will distract.

We will present ourselves super - mega - ultra - the billionaire. How you think, than the whole day such people are engaged? I asked this question to many people. The most widespread answer to it: It is known what, money is made . Here not! Billionaires do not mint money. Everything, all they do Favorite thing. And not bad earn from it. Very much and not bad.

And than you it is worse? Yes I know the answer: The Muzzle (figure) did not leave, and there is no hairy hand . Yes the hairy hand is not necessary. First of all, it is necessary to be engaged in business which is interesting to you to which you are given as to the beloved, with all passion!

Signs which define the Business, are simple.

1. This that business to which you are given with all passion, feeling at the same time pleasure.

2. You are ready to be engaged in it all free time.

3. When you are engaged in it, the internal voice says to you that you on the right track.

4. And main thing. In this case for achievement of big results small efforts are required!

Here it, key! Small efforts give big (and sometimes just Embarrassingly Huge) result.

So, Algorithm of definition of Business who not only will become your Darling, but also will bring in you the income. It can be both the guaranteed salary, and the income from business. But, anyway, you will not speak to yourself any more: Yes that this day came to an end somewhat quicker! I Hope

the first step. Allocate time when nobody disturbs you. About an hour two or three. We put before ourselves a blank sheet. We ask ourselves a question: In what fields of activity at me everything leaves easily and freely? - also we break it into subquestions.

Write down all your knowledge and abilities what small, ridiculous, unclaimed they to you did not seem. Having begun, plunge into this process. Believe, it is not so difficult, but fascinating, fascinating process. Write about everything that you love, than you like to be engaged, even with whom you like to spend time.

You like to throw knives, to shock people around, to read aloud? Write. All is useful. The more you write information now, the easier for you will be farther. Stop writing when just there is no thought left in the head any more. Postpone the used-up sheets of paper to the reliable place. It is your future capital.

Step of the second. you ask the same question to all people who know you. What turns out at me better, than at others? And where it is possible to apply these skills? . It is better to use at the same time a dictophone and to rewrite conversation on paper. The matter is that people around can prompt you spheres of application of your abilities about which you either did not know, or thought, but counted it as nonsense on which you should not turn attention. Still as costs! The more you interrogate people, the better.

Step the third. Reveal at least three points on which your opinion and opinion of people around coincide. If these points less than three, start anew. It cannot just be!

Attention!! Things which you do well very well, just perfectly, but which do not bring you pleasure, delete at once. It is not your !!

So, not less than three directions in which your opinion and opinion of people around coincide. Each of these spheres we write down on a single sheet.

Step the fourth. to Learn what sphere most monetary - which of all if everything goes normally, will bring in you the greatest income. This sphere there can be not one, them can be a little. Look in all available sources, on the Internet - first of all.

Small lyrical digression. the First step which takes on the course of life any, richest person (who earned the wealth itself) is the first dollar (ruble, euro, hryvnia, tugrik, drachma ) earned by the Business. Further - one more. Further - three, ten, hundred, one thousand, one million, one billion . The way is simple, but everyone has to pass it.

Irrespective of the prejudices, despite smiles and condemnation of people around, sometimes even the closest people. If to you it inconvenient, constraining or lazy to go about the own Business... obviously you are very sick person I feel sorry for you. Besides, the people who are engaged in Others Business will never become the rich. They will make such other people! But, if you read to this place, we will continue, remained very little.

Step the fifth. we will paint business Now - plans for each of the chosen spheres. Just write the thoughts as you are going to earn from the course of life chosen by you. I guarantee, there will be many ideas. Having found successful idea, do not stop, following it will be even better! Also begin to realize them. The quicker, the better!

I guarantee, earnings in this to the sphere(s) life - will be a lung, and pleasant and fascinating! At first you will earn from the ideas the first dollar, then by the second, and it will begin here!

The income will grow at first as a snowball, then, as an avalanche in mountains or maybe as a tsunami!!!

So, put before themselves a clean sheet of paper and took the handle in hand. So it turns out at you better, than at others?