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What is training?

the Modern world are not that world which was twenty or thirty years ago. The vital rhythm became quicker, life is partly more difficult, but it is more interesting. Also people changed, they have other purposes and priorities, other ideals and vital values. Today to surprise nobody with existence of own car or the certain apartment any more, today nobody seeks to become the member of the Politburo or the foreman. Everything changed. Outside twenty first century. Other century.

Today everything turns around private business and personal achievements. People get higher education, but on it business does not come to an end. To live in this world and to be on the first roles, it is necessary to be improved. For this purpose you go to higher education institution and in parallel with work you get second higher education, you learn foreign languages, you attend courses for professional development and, of course, trainings.

In modern society this term rather widespread and what it means? What is training?

On this subject I decided to talk to the trainer - the consultant of the Wilson Learning company and in combination the former participant of the " project; The House - 2 Alexander Nelidov.

- Alexander, tell, please, what is training?

A. N.: Training is an active form of education of adults.

Trainings differ from lectures and seminars in the fact that on them participants master skills which can be used in practice already next day.

- And when it is worth resorting to services training - the centers and what it gives?

A. N.: Trainings exist several types. For example, hard skills - specialized trainings and soft skills - the communicative and personally developing trainings. Specialized there passes most of employees of the companies. Communicative and personally developing are necessary in situations when employees master new functions. For example, the expert appointed

the head of department, and he was never engaged in management of people. To become the manager, years of practice where he will study on the mistakes will be necessary for him. If it goes for training, in the center chosen by it, then after passing of a management course it will already have an idea of that as well as what the manager has to do. How to motivate employees, to distribute the working hours, to delegate tasks and so on...

- And how everything began at you?

A. N.: the First time I got on training of personal growth in 1998. And at once trainings of steel for me basic hobby . At first I visited personally focused trainings. I liked to study different styles and the directions. In 9 years I studied the majority of the known training schools in Moscow: Sinton, NLP, Gestalt, Simoron, World Center of Relationship, Psikhodrama, Socionics, Norbekov`s Institute, Layf Spring, Rope courses, Wilson Learning and so on. Participation in a reality - show became one of the most serious trainings for me.

- And what personally you got thanks to them?

A. N.: If to say about what personally trainings gave me I can allocate three main issues:

1. I received boundless internal freedom and absolute positive perception .

2. I used all skills in life and now as the fact - a happy family.

That it is very interesting and very informative, especially for those who cannot still decide: to go to it to training - the center or not.

I Want to wish all success, career development and, of course, to find that work of which each of you dreams. Separate thanks to Alexander Nelidov for valuable and useful information. Good luck!