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Gaming thinking. What is it?

Gaming thinking are formed under the influence of computer games, and characterized by the fact that his owners move the game principles to the world surrounding them. This article we continue by

the consideration of influence of the information environment on the modern person begun in the publication Clip thinking. What is it? .


Into world medical practice already entered the term cybernetic ludomaniya , belonging to people who became dependent on computer games. In the most hard cases at the computer it was carried out till 12 o`clock in days for several years, and for maintenance of a tone drugs were done.

Any computer game - and " can cause dependence; action and strategy. Its participant in every way tries to reach the end, and having won, right there switches to other game. Parents of children - compulsive gamblers complain that the child becomes irritable, hysterical reacts to attempts to distract him from the computer, ceases to read. According to experts, all this can seriously slow down its development and lead to destructive behavior.

Are most dangerous in this plan so-called " shooters; or shooter games where the hero for achievement of the purpose needs to kill all on the way. The American psychologists see one of the reasons of awful executions by teenagers of the schoolmates in interest in such games.


But danger are given not only by the extreme manifestations of this problem described above, but also how computer games influence a mentality.

In 2006 there was J. Beck and M. Wade`s interesting book Finished badly! As the generation of gamers forever changes business - the " environment; in which authors allocated several characteristic moments.

1. Decrease in creative potential of the child. Most to draw, compose, participate in representations, i.e. to create new reality, it is much more difficult, than to consume already ready through game.

2. The increased self-conceit of teenagers is often accompanied by speed of achievement of success in games.

3. Decrease in motivation to achievement of the objectives at emergence of the first difficulties can speak also the fact that in game you become a winner, a star. Why to spend forces in real if always the same can be received in the virtual world.

4. Self-confidence and unjustified risk can be created under the influence of other gaming principles - possibly everything and always there is a way out .

5. The gamer often imposes on surrounding templates from games, forming the relation corresponding to them.

But the most interesting occurs when fans of games come to business. Authors give an example of transfer of a trial and error method in their work. They just mold one on another that it was beautiful, - the manager of one firm tells, - and the essence is not thought over. I find a mistake, they correct it, I find still. And so repeats, work delivery term " will not approach yet;.


Game dependence already becomes a serious problem in some countries. It is established that from it 2,4% of residents of South Korea aged till 40 years suffer. In Finland young people, dependent on the Internet and games, are granted a draft deferment for 3 years that during this time they completed a rehabilitation course.

In China the Internet - 2,6 million people aged till 18 years officially consider dependent, and the state began to deal with this problem. So, the Internet - it is offered to the services providing game services to request number of an ID card (similarity of the passport) from the player. Such procedure will repeat every three hours. the system does to

After verification of the entered data a break that the gamer had time to execute a complex of physical exercises. If it nevertheless continues game, then its points are automatically cut down twice.

besides, the state quickly builds clinics on disposal of game dependence (meanwhile to voluntary). Treatment takes on average two weeks and consists in a combination of therapeutic, medicamentous methods, acupuncture and sports activities - swimming and basketball. Its purpose - to return teenagers to normal life.

*** danger of computer games is not realized by

In Russia at the state level yet. Therefore I recommend to parents to look narrowly attentively at the children, and, in the presence of the symptoms described in article, to try to limit softly time spent by them at the computer.