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For what such dislike? (that can be read in comments)

the Word are loved by accuracy. Or more precisely - it is inexact the expressed thought can generate the mass of undesirable interpretation. And these interpretation can touch expressed rather strongly.

Recently I wrote an article about craft: it is how important to own technology of the use of words. However, in it examples were poetic. Today - the prose, it is rather - journalism.

So, I received the comment to the article Whether heat, whether snow (or who protects Jews) (the spelling is kept).

The sir Igor Abramov writes me:

Byl in a subject.

Far 50 - e years. The predatory eye of the Israeli Zionists and world imperialism is bad blinks to Egypt. The true friend of all Arabs of the USSR decides to supply the progressive friends with progressive equipment and MiG - 15 sends them the ships full. After a while after arrival of the ships and departure to Egypt of group of the Egyptian pilots trained in the USSR from Egypt shout is distributed: You send us the faulty rejected MiG! Pilots hardly on them fly! We have, naturally, an excitement, requirements to remove to devils sobachy the director of Komsomol aircraft factory, but grow cold and decide to send experts and the factory tester to Egypt.

Come to airfield. The pilot, the former veteran, uses foul language: Yes what you bear yes at us any pilot on MiG Yes that at you for pilots Yes I will show a class to you " now;. Approaches the plane, jumps, starts and flies up. The promised class in air does not occur and flight looks somehow faintly. Egyptians on the earth peep for pleasure and triumph. Landing. The pilot gets out of the plane, sits down directly on concrete and lights. Then thoughtfully says: To Bor the words about your pilots back to Fly by plane in factory greasing and with the knots blocked in shipping situation it it is necessary to be able

Appears, ingenuous Arabs removed couple of clamps that were obviously evident, and left the rest so. Greasing, an insulating tape, stoppers - all left as was. And flew!!!:-) 6 - ti day war with such fighters could be finished per day.

It would seem, everything is clear, as noonday: Jews won a victory not because they were able to be at war but because the opponent was rather weak. There and to potter - that there is nobody was.

But somewhere suddenly there is not clear rumble of questions. How so? Such equipment - is also not involved! Who did it? Who taught pilots? Who taught technicians? Who was sent to deal with the claim? And, at last, that - Arabs are not able to learn?

One questions. Who can answer now, 50 years later? There are no others, and those is far!

But those which it is far in those days all were on places. It what turns out? They made, they learned, they processed complaints! Perhaps all this was so conceived? It dread to think!

How so, dear sir Igor Abramov? What do you publish it? All right by phone, in a personal meeting - but on pages of a publication which reads the whole world!

All right you would concern the subject loved by you - Jews and all others. No, you concerned the Soviet Union of that time! What is such business partner who as if helps, and it appears - on the contrary. Swings money - and leads to defeat!

For what you do not love Russia? What she to you made?

If the Jew does not love it - it is possible to understand. But you? You colonel of a health service, teacher of military higher education institutions! How it came to your mind?

The most terrible that these things are extrapolated. If it was possible 50 years ago - there is a danger that the same occurs and today! Though those who it is far now, any more not those that were earlier, but on their places too someone is.

And how now to be to today`s partners of Russia? To hope that they are not able to understand the text from - for bad knowledge of Russian? And from - for linguistic subtleties they will not take personally a reason what they cannot be trained?

But did not come to your mind that investigations of the interested states can use your opus as means to seed mistrust between Russia and its Arab friends?

It - on semantics. And now a little bit on linguistics.

The Predatory eye of the Israeli Zionists and world imperialism is bad blinks to Egypt - who wrote it? You did not specify a source - I dare to assume that you are an author. Then what the slang is? For an estradnik or for something more or less solid?

The true friend of all Arabs of the USSR decides to supply the progressive friends with the progressive " equipment; - sounds ironically if not to tell - derisively. So at whom you laugh? Over Jews? Over Arabs? Over progressive equipment or progressive friends?

ingenuous Arabs - it is a compliment or a curse? In this context - rather the second, than the first. You wanted to show it?

I have a suspicion that all press (including And - netovsky) is looked through by employees of FSB. Give you God that their views of a condition of things coincided with yours!

The homeland, all - it is necessary to love! And with words - to address more carefully!