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How to tame the woman and a horse?

Someone can think that the woman and a horse are different beings. Actually they have a lot of similarity. These are beautiful and in the beginning rebellious beings. They are very close among themselves and often love each other. They have soft lips, a beautiful breast, strong legs, shining eyes, fluffy hair.

1. What they love?

These beings love care, attention and caress. Men, you love them, kiss and iron a neck, legs, a breast. Gently and carefully. Remember that it is impossible to do sharp movements. Beings can be frightened and cut to you. Especially, if the woman and a horse were unfamiliar to you before and did not get used to your courtings. Especially painfully beats a horse. Hoof. Sometimes bites. Reaction of the woman is similar. If you unexpectedly seize the unfamiliar woman by a breast, can receive a shoe or a knee to the place, very significant for men. Not always the man can define what waits for him on the first contact with these extraordinary beings. For safety of vitals it is possible to use hockey ammunition.

Before approaching such fine beings, it is necessary to tame them that is reached by courtings.

2. How to look after them? to

knows It since ancient times. In the beginning the woman and a horse have to get used to your voice. They need to tell tender words. It is not important that, the main thing - as. Not to allow sharp intonations and evil words. You can frighten them. In this case the reaction of these beings known according to item 1 is possible. It can be sick, especially, if the man without the corresponding ammunition.

For acquaintance is the best of all to offer both fresh wild flowers. It will be to the taste to them. Sweets work smoothly too. The quantity needs to be limited as from sweet teeth and a figure can spoil. do not forget

that women and horses very much love water. In Saudi Arabia there are special pools for thoroughbred horses where they are bathed every day.

of the Woman like to bathe too. If you wash the woman, take from it great pleasure.

3. How to operate them?

It is difficult, but it is possible. You learn to go round them. A horse and the woman it is necessary for a message a firm hand. They submit to

when they feel confidence and force. These beings happen nervous, often show a habit, impatience. If they have a strong excitement, they can incur, escape from hands. In this case they need to be confused, turned to the left and to the right, to brake. At women excitement arises at jog on a supermarket, at approach to departments of fashionable footwear and clothes. The uncontrollable run which is coming to an end with a full devastation of your purse can begin. If it began, is useless to beg, ask about mercy. These beings do not perceive the word any more. In a case with the woman act as well as in a case with a horse. Turn to shop of auto parts to the right, then sharply to the left to department the fisher - the hunter having been worn out, sharply you brake at a pivbar. If you manage to bring down a natural rush of these beings and to be gathered beer with happiness, release reins, trust in them. These are very devoted and loving you beings, and they will bring you home.

4. With what to feed them?

it is the most useful to b to offer them vegetables and fruit. Will not damage milk. Limit farinaceous food. After a good diet they will have a velvety skin, hair silky, and eyes brilliant.

5. How to derive pleasure from them?

From Kam Cutra - the most widespread pose man from above . Use in a dressage on a horse only this position. Those cases when a horse from above, are extremely rare (are usually reached in a stiplcheza) and come to an end is deplorable (fractures, grazes, the fatal outcome is possible). Women are more perfect. Allow everything that they want, any poses and methods of expression of gratitude for your good attitude to them.

Yes these darlings and delightful beings are well!

(From men ELLEN BOLL is devoted.)