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What to do if about you wrote a lie?

you wake up in the morning, peacefully go to work, open a local morning paper and see what on the front page (the second, fifth, tenth ) is written that you deceive the clients (you steal, went bankrupt ). You pour out sincere indignation on the collective and the relatives... And what to do is farther?

First of all it is necessary to collect the thoughts, to think, from where legs " grow; and what with it to do now. If you in the company have lawyers, they should give urgently a task to work all possible moments and nuances.

First of all, you ring edition. It is desirable, for the editor-in-chief at once. If it is not present on the place contact the editor of the department which published material. Especially as in most cases even if the editor is on the place, he will send you to the editor of department. You have to find out from where this information undertook - on the basis of what the journalist wrote what wrote. And to demand to publish a denial. If refuse, submit the case to hands of lawyers and file a lawsuit.

If the newspaper (the magazine, TV, radio) agree with your arguments, you have to know that in the newspaper / magazine the denial has to leave in the following number, on the same place of the same page on which material was published. If this radio or TV, a denial have to give in a news which leaves at the same time when inveracious information was read (people, as a rule, watch news at the same time).

In both cases you have to report as it is possible for the bigger number of people that they were misinformed. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare a press - release and to dispatch in all mass media (whenever possible - if you live in the big city and at you many mass media, then it is necessary to send at least to the most popular or profile). In a press - release it is necessary to specify who published inveracious information and to describe the real situation. It is necessary to mention negotiations with edition and their results. Besides, it is necessary to specify a contact information of the person in your company whom it is possible to contact for more information.

If you have a large company and the inveracious information published about you has a big resonance, it is necessary to convoke a press - conference.

Successful to you work and only good news!