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How many different shades in salad favourite?. The saga about Russian salad

A something the moment of still lifes is absolutely missed here. No, generally there was on ShZh fine article of Liouba Melnik HOW to READ the STILL LIFE, but one - an odineshenka. I do not raise at such detailed analysis now because this note will be about another, but nevertheless there is a wish to share favourite still lifes. The author - of Dominique Devillers (French, b. 1952), subject exclusively food, style - probably, primitivism, but pleasant, optimistical and juicy. And the famous eaters from France are remembered - Gargantyua, Porthos, Tartaren etc. of

Is a pity that here it is possible to place only five, at me them is saved up pieces two hundred. And what only in his pictures is not present, both oysters, and lobsters, and sausages, and drinks, and berries...

... How it - what is not present?! And I will answer you: is not present of Russian salad here . Here about it - that I also want to write the saga. However, about this salad there was already article in ShZh too, but the historical background was opened there. And I want - about the present.

The saga about Russian salad

Time to sing of decoration of a table and beauty of our kitchen -

The fact that at us in use Russian salad everywhere has a reputation.

Much feathers broke, Russian salad discussing : the Cook - nice under a long enemy siege,

Everything added

in fortresses to mister that in his kitchen remained...

Is also other legends about these viands dostoslavno,

What would not disdain even to taste shlemobleshchushchy Hector.

of Razna of the legend - but the general in them is one undoubtedly:

the list of all a component that there on a legend entered, is simple

in any way and Nice Soviet salad, decoration of any feast is not similar on habitual,


There both remember caviar, and kaperets, hazel grouses and pineapples,

Are not present there only cucumbers and peas, habitual for us!

We will reject resolutely haughty these manners - we Will discuss

our habitual salateg here,

the Holiday to us without it is unconditional not on a holiday,

I annual viewing of Ippolit of tortures

as without salad of that it is possible to present now?

But also about it constantly there are heated disputes!

Truly invariantna here only of mayonnaise and potatoes , Well and peas , of course, green is always invariable


That Russian salad without peas? As though without Hector Troy,

Without Penelope - Itaka or nice the Slang without Yazon!

the Jar of this seasoning, is right, was stored

In a far corner of the storeroom at any at the Soviet hostess.

During a time when peas unfortunate were quite scarce,

I was more difficult to get it, than to Heracles Lerneyskuyu to win against the Hydra

terrible fight. Deficiency - is worse than a hydra the hundred-head!

More than others read hostesses peas Moldavian,

In bank green and with letters strange to a mazera to a verda .

Nowadays - any bondyuel is perfectly available to us.

All other components absence or existence

always causes Disputes and fights at forums different,

cost Shouts and groans there, and even the heavy objects

Guests each other sometimes virtually throw.

Meat will be considered by us first of all. Esthetes exclaim:

Only boiled meat in Russian salad, not differently,

Grumble others: no, we only a chicken take boiled.

Crabs! - the third cannot stop unheard shout.

What to tell you? It is undoubted that with meat is more gentle than

the Dish leaves and even, probably, taste at it is more noble. But here my descendants - do not wish and to hear

about meat,

Force of a habit prevails over them since deficiency times: only sausage descendants Russian salad understand


However, a sausage now - not a couple of that Soviet,

Which dogs from a garbage can, and even hungry cats

of Tu did not eat " sausage; buried it is transparent letting know us,

That for a product she the taste reminded them vividly...

Nowadays a sausage are eaten by my full spoiled children - cats,

they do not wish to Know chatter on any soy:

Guzzle sausage and at the same time they hum myayayayaso!

Further our song carries on conversation on cucumbers nice.

Without cucumber to us our salad is inconceivable hitherto.

Is options, however: the salty cucumber

Can be bought in the market from the clean grandma,

That salted it with various fennel and with pepper,

having added Secret leaves that there was it hrustky and sharp.

If the destiny did not let us to market potions,

Can be bought in shop a large bottle with marinade.

That cucumber though is quite good on snack something alcohol -

But for salad it is rough and besides still smells of vinegar.

Is such hostesses, about be it judges Demetra -

Fresh they put a cucumber in this salatik.

to me never to understand these terrible creations.

There were, however, moments of times of deficiency,

That it was impossible to get a cucumber any! it was necessary to Put

From a grief to people in that tedious time

in Russian salad - cry, Moira - sea cabbage!

Strongly I hope that there will be no it any more, there is no

Fortunately, times communism, there is no deficiency.

the Rule it is checked by society repeatedly:

Or general happiness and Lenin matter,

Or food in shop. And together this not in common.

Further our look upadat on vegetable carrot . to Put

or not? Again in forums of fight and fight... I will tell

to you: everything is simple. Carrot you want -

Safely put it, having boiled. You do not want - it is not necessary. Sweet it gives to

also a priyatstvenny color.

Following further, we are of egg and we will mention onions:

hard-boiled eggs add both weight and satiety to salad. If you want

that guests gorged on quicker - Safely put

heels you eggs krutoboky.

Ya I do not put them, but in it I do not see terrible horror.

For coloring greater is possible still of corn

to Throw in salatik from a can a little.

advise Originals to put in Russian salad still of kislenky apples, It is possible

, though without them it is enough products...

The main thing that - mayonnaise . Here it is necessary to understand a measure: you will put

A little - the food will be dry. And much - will become limp.

Experience of the hostess to us the best will be bail. All of us pour out then

in a vessel more beautifully,

the Spoon we will knead it a hill, and from above we will decorate with peas,

the Branch of patten parsley with foliage lacy

or a carrot asterisk if there was a carrot.

But do not forget to zanachit you in a basin something for test:

Stay guests, itself

does not do to be forgotten, her eternal

the Saucer of salad Will be an award to the hostess for work to knead and to offer a family gradually,

Rejoicing heart to their low and rumbling.

the Song stately can be finished on it,

I to be removed on kitchen - and that something is there was a wish.