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How to calm the crying kid? Your kolybelny dance... Whether

Reflected you how often young parents come up against a situation when the child cries, and all attempts to calm him are vain? As often we begin to rock to sleep with irritation the shouting kid and we cannot understand what he wants Unfortunately, the child presently crying even on hands - not a rarity, and each mother so wants to grow up the quiet and balanced person. What to do? How to find a common language with the baby?

First of all, there is a wish to note that any child behaves as some kind of alarm indicator. He in all ways available to it tries to let know to parents what he wants. The trouble is that we not always listen to these signals. It seems to us that if it dry and full - that what could wish? And if he suddenly begins to wail in the middle of night and we need only to guess the crying reason - how to arrive? Actually, everything is much simpler, than can seem at first sight. To observe rather only a little the child, to listen to him - and you will instinctively feel the reason of his crying. And moreover, you then will already know how to help it.

However in order that it is necessary to listen and feel, first of all, to calm down most. The child sensitively catches your state, and your irritation is transferred also to it. There is a typical situation. The parent with irritation thinks: What else does he want? - and right there the reciprocal remark of the child involuntarily arises: Why he does not understand? . You do not hurry to be irritated and become angry about the kid for the fact that he already for the third time awakes you in the middle of night. Remember that we have to love our children any - bad and good. Show to the child that you are ready to come to the rescue of him. Also make it whenever possible in a second before it bursts in bitter tears. Do not allow crying to pass into a hysterics.

So, the baby was capricious and you took it on hands. And he groans and continues to be capricious. Try to find the most convenient for it a position. At first take it vertically : perhaps, he is disturbed by the gases which accumulated in a tummy. If the child is curved, lower him on a hand in horizontal position. It is possible also to try to press it a back to itself, having put a hand on a tummy. You watch that changes of a position were smooth, without sharp movements, otherwise you can frighten the kid, and he will be capricious even stronger. Strong pressing the child to itself, you give him feeling of security, warm it the heat.

After the kid nestled on handles, it is possible to execute your Kolybelny dance . Begin to rock slowly together with the kid. If monotonous rocking here and there does not help, it is possible to try to squat slightly, observing a certain rhythm, or to go, fulfilling options of a dancing step known to you. Well easy pat on a back helps - it, as we know, reminds the kid of heartbeat in mother`s womb. It is possible to sing at the same time almost anything as tastes at all kids different. Someone willingly falls asleep under Sleep, my pleasure, fall asleep and submit someone rhythmical patriotic " songs; Katyushas .

It would be desirable to note the typical mistakes first made by young parents. You should not shake the child on outstretched arms, surely press the kid to yourself - otherwise you will not be able to give him the quiet state. Also you do not hurry to put the kid back in a bed as soon as he calms down. Be not afraid to spoil its character. Take the child until he calms down finally or will not begin to doze yet. You walk with it round the room - the monotonous movement calms kids. Shift the kid accurately. It is desirable that it was the warm place because he can wake up from unexpected change of temperature again. If you put the child, and he starts over again moving uneasily, take a warm hand at it on a back or slightly clap it. And at once cover with something warm - in heat it is slept much more cozy and more quietly.

In conclusion it would be desirable to wish to all parents of patience and understanding. You remember: if something is impossible from the first - you should not lower hands. You study - and you surely learn. Let harmony and love reigns in your families - and then your children will grow up sympathetic, kind and loving. Good luck to you!