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How to the woman to return for work after a maternity leave?

our life consist of the periods BEFORE AND AFTER. For example, expectation of the child, his birth and further education. It takes away a lot of time, forces, but brings boundless happiness and pleasure.

Anyway, the woman drops out for a certain time of usual life, the focus of her interests is narrowed to the established preferences. She perceives the life through the child`s prism, quite often itself, sinking into dotage.

Process of adaptation of the woman to everyday life takes place in many cases very hard. It is caused by many factors of fear. The main problem is that the woman accurately and clearly understands that it not such as earlier. And it frightens her.

And besides psychological fear of such prompt metamorphoses as changes of a figure, it is frequent even character, emotional experiences, there is a fear material, it, first of all independence restriction, unfreedom in the choice of preferences.

Such phobias arise for a number of reasons.

In - the first if the woman brings up the child alone, it constantly feels unprotected, from it there is a mistrust to all and everyone.

In - the second if the woman leaves in the decree very good, highly paid work, it is afraid to remain professional unsuitable as any profession demands continuous training.

B - the third if the woman before childbirth in general did not work anywhere but only finished educational institution, accompanies it fear that it will be very difficult for it to find work.

If, despite everything, all of you - decided to become a mother, then you have to understand accurately for yourself one simple truth, wait for the help from the state as god-send it is useless, it is necessary to make the way most in a jungle of various social programs, and then to you there will be a material support. Today there are enough types of child care allowances which can defuse a certain financial tensions. Safely address to bodies of a social security of the population where you should collect a package of documents, for receiving grants.

Types of the children`s grants existing today :

- maternity allowance;

- a lump sum to the women who were registered in medical institutions in early terms of pregnancy;

- a lump sum at the child`s birth;

- a monthly allowance for a child care leave before achievement of age by it one and a half years;

- a monthly allowance on the child.

- - - Compensation payments to the women who are in holiday on leaving for
the child.

Besides these grants the citizens who are in a child care leave before achievement of age by it three years receive compensation payments during all holiday according to the Decree of the Russian President from 30. 05. 94th No. 1110 About the amount of compensation payments to separate categories of citizens .

it is necessary to be defined Now whether you plan on the termination of the decree, to be engaged in professional activity?

The moment of return to work after the delivery for many women is wrapped in the real problem. Quite often it becomes clear that young mother cannot join production because during her absence, it changed at once. As a result the woman can become the candidate for dismissal from - for unsuitabilities for a profession.

What to do?

Main during a maternity leave not to lose qualification and business connections. It is necessary to be aware of the news connected with your profession. If there is opportunity, arrive on remote advanced training courses, or receive new specialty. Important not only to support communications, but also to find new.

If you are not sure of the forces or you do not want to come back to former work, it is possible to work itself at other position is an and additional experience, and the necessary employment records.

On interview you should not hide that you were in the decree. It is important to tell about time of forced leave by business language. Do not try on on yourself " at all; skin of a poor lamb it will not do you good. Moreover, you can cause disappointment in you in the potential employer. Budte sure, reserved, and, above all quiet.

It is necessary to resolve an issue of registration of the child in a kindergarten, either to employ the nurse, or to attract the grandmother. The factor of presence at the potential employee of children is very important for the employer.

If you on some of the reasons were refused, continue searches, distribute the summary, you go to interviews. If there is opportunity open own business. Especially it is effective for representatives of such professions as the accountant, the economist, the translator, the hairdresser, etc.

be not afraid of changes in the life, be afraid of a dissatisfaction with this life. The most important and big change in your life already occurred, you became a mother. And this work for the rest of life. And can you will think, and solve, still to prolong the maternity leave. The profession - mother, remains demanded at all times! Everyone chooses for himself, and everyone chooses on himself. I wish you good luck!