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Than the mascot is useful?

Are considered that mascots rescue from troubles and help to make the correct decisions. The real mascot is ordered individually from the professional magician. You buy a crystal, a ring, a pendent, and he exorcizes it on certain actions. For example, the commercial mascot helps with business, at acquisition of large real estate etc. The strongest mascots (professional) become in a pyramid, talk nonsense within seven, thirteen or twenty one days. It quite hard physically even for the strong magician, and therefore costs much. Everything that was bought in transition - souvenir products.

The most widespread mascots of universal action are:

An eye (the round image of an eye) - the popular mascot at Arabs, is considered an amulet from a malefice. Force of a look is novel and very big, it is a powerful impulse of energy, not always positive. It is the best of all to distract others views of foreign objects. They are present at all religions: a cross, an amulet and, including, - an eye.


the Chinese coins with the hieroglyphs which are available on them and a square hole serve for fund raising. It is always desirable to carry them in a purse.

Can most make an amulet for fund raising: a little (the more the better) coins throw and postpone those which will fall tails up. Remained - again throw until there is the one and only coin. It is also your personal amulet.

A hand bell

the Loud sound of hand bells frightens off the witches who are afraid of noise.

Chicken god If you find

a stone, especially flat, with a beautiful accurate hole through (!) the whole year will accompany you good luck. It is possible to look through it and desire to think. But to find such stone, made a hole nature not easy.

of A chicken god it is called because earlier similar stones hung up in hen houses for scaring away of wicked witches.

A horseshoe

Most of people believe that a horseshoe - a symbol of prosperity and good luck because it belongs to a horse (once the horse was considered as a magic animal). It is desirable to beat incidentally found horseshoe indoors, over a door, horns up that it was similar to a bowl then happiness in the house will be a full bowl! Never hang up on the contrary, and that happiness you raspleskat .

Whether really the mascot helps?

Those who trust in a mascot, trust in force which stands behind it (Principal reason). Mascot - a subject for meditative concentration, and meditation helps to receive the best decisions from the Principal Reason. That is the mascot, indirectly, helps.

As it works ? When we take with ourselves a mascot, we are almost sure of success of action and when there is something good, we write off good luck on a mascot, so, it initially gives us confidence in own forces. Not important - a mascot it, a ceremony, or ritual. If it is observed, and a long time, then there is once to miss as it becomes clear at once that you should not have done it.

How it is correct to choose to himself a mascot?

the Mascot - not only auto-suggestion, but also influence of power of the subject. The round subject with not broken off edges, as a rule, bears in itself a positive charge. The subject with the broken form (integrity), for example, something burst, torn, soiled, broken away - bears negative energy.

Also mascots can be chosen on zodiac sign, by name, a profession (there is also a set of other ways). The mascot cannot be chosen correctly or incorrectly. Any subject, the main thing that you trusted in its force and ability to bring good luck can be a mascot. Track what you dressed or took with themselves when to you smiled good luck. Observe what thing brings you most of all happiness and the pleasant moments. It can be an old toy, a medalyonchik, a pebble and anything. It is important to love this thing only (yes, to love!) and to believe in her.