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What is an eskapizm? (All of us are a little escapists.) there are no

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A.S. Pushkin

With the term eskapizm I got acquainted in the stay by a tolkinist. It to a release of the movie Lord of the Rings . Among tolkinist I found the first friends in the Internet. Then in their environment the eskapizm problem was actively discussed. Eskapizm is from the English escape (to escape, avoid, escape, flight, disposal). It is possible to find the mass of data on this social phenomenon in networks of the World wide web. Generally everything is reduced to condemnation. Let`s try to understand.

From all variety of definitions I prefer it: the eskapizm is an aspiration of the personality or part of social group to go from reality and norms of public life to the world of illusions and the imagination. It is a dissatisfaction of the person with that era in which he lives inability to live in here and now . Attribute to escapists not only an escape from reality to the world of illusions, but also creation in the new reality of the new image.

Perhaps, having met in park group of people in chain armors and with swords, you right there will consider them as escapists. But it far will not be obligatory the truth. Role-playing games are not attempt to be locked from reality. Most of roleplayers, tolkinist and other candidates number one - same people, as well as all others. They go to work or study too, are on friendly terms and fall in love, establish families. But the world for them - is a little wider. It is not limited to borders of the city, the era and even the world. Unless the writer is engaged not in the same, plunging into the world which is thought up by him? Especially fantasts.

The person without imagination is boring. Eskapizm is not just pensiveness. The belief in dream helps its achievement. The person, modeling situations, knows how to embody the dream, and these are not simple imaginations. Trying on on itself others roles and destinies, the person creates other realities, several lives live. But it does not relieve it of life in our, so-called real, the world. It expands opportunities and perception of the person, though can create some difficulties and the conflicts with people around. But any additional abilities can create to the person additional difficulties.

Perhaps, the eskapizm is a problem not persons, and societies which cannot understand any withdrawal from norms of reality ? Some do not maintain pressure of the society attributing them to black sheep, some just against unification of thoughts and self-expression. Not always society understands rather talented people. And then say that they outstripped the time

often rank As escapists not only tolkinist, roleplayers and gamers, but also in general all inhabitants Internet. I would even tell that this phenomenon anyway affects all people. However, there are also destructive forms of an eskapizm inherent in mentally sick people (or with consequences of drug addiction, alcoholism) who have a burning issue of relationship of the personality with society.

And creativity, imagination and a pragmatism always is in life of people, let sometimes and in different proportions. But in life always there has to be a place to dreams!