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How to grow thin after the delivery without prejudice to health?

Ya - happy mother of two children, and it means that before me there was a problem twice: how to grow thin after the delivery? As a result of the first pregnancy I gained 7 kg, the second - 11, but in half a year I weighed 50 kg again. How I managed it? I can share experience.

At first what should not be done.

to go on a rigid diet. It can seriously be injurious to your health and health of the kid if you nurse.

Expecting instant results, every day to become on scales. The fast victory will not be, and at you the impression can be made that all efforts are vain.

to be fond of bioadditives and teas for weight loss: in vain you will spend money, and the result will be zero. I tried to grow thin by means of these miracle cures most often they have laxative or diuretic effect, and loss of weight happens for this reason and as soon as you stop reception - weight comes back. Besides, long reception of these preparations brings out of an organism calcium and other useful minerals, and to you, on the contrary, after the delivery need their completion.

Internally to strain from remarks of type: Oh, as you grew plump!. . You gave life to the child, and this most important (think of those to whom this happiness is inaccessible, hardly they are afraid of the fact that after the delivery it is possible to recover), and elementary envy can be behind similar exclamations.

And now if you were adjusted on loss of extra kilos, stock up with patience because fast results are not long-term results, and such are not necessary to us.

Many women after the delivery look the first weeks as if they are still pregnant. It occurs from - for slow reductions of a uterus and preservation of the puffiness pregnancy which appeared last months. What can be made? Doctor`s advice of maternity hospital. To buy in a drugstore two species of plants in the filter - packages: camomile and nettle. To make together on 1 bag on 200 ml of hot water and to insist 5 minutes, to drink 2 times a day during 2 - x weeks. If you nurse, then limit consumption of other liquids as infusion promotes strengthening of a lactation.

Some editions are advised: is often, but gradually - me personally this council was not lowered by any centimeter in a waist. Besides, in the book on an Ayurveda I read that frequent meals weaken digestive " fire; it does not promote good assimilation of food, so, can also lead to completeness.

An optimum diet - 3 times a day. Gradually reduce the size of your portion until its contents do not clean up (approximately) in two palms put by the boat. Also do not eat after 19 hours, at most, that can be afforded is a glass of 1% of kefir.

That the small portion of food created feeling that you were full, add to it a little bran (are on sale in a drugstore); inflating in a stomach, they will bring full satisfaction from a lunch, besides, bran removes slags and cleans a digestive tract.

Gradually is everything is possible, giving preference to vegetables, fish, chicken breast without skin. Remarkable means for weight loss is vegetable soup.

Of course, at first will uncontrollably pull you to the refrigerator, but it is necessary to suffer very little, and it will pass. Not to see food, I walked with the child 3 hours in the afternoon and 3 - in the evening, and in 2 weeks began to eat only when it was really hungry. By the way, active walk burns 90 kcal an hour!

And the last: it is necessary to strengthen an abdominal tension, hips and buttocks. The kallanetika best of all is suitable for these purposes, in my opinion, (all exercises static and do not assume any unimaginable jumps and acrobatic tricks, and therefore everyone will be able to execute them). Buy the cartridge or a disk, and be engaged at home, in any time, convenient for you. There is enough 30 - 40 minutes a day, the first two weeks be engaged every other day, then it is possible less often. Results will be visible almost at once, and it will inspire you.

Following these recommendations, I lost excess weight in 6,5 months, and already half a year I hold it normal absolutely without any efforts. I wish also to you to find a figure of the dream. Believe in yourself, at you everything will turn out!