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How to be with jealousy of the senior child?

Appearance of one more child in a family - always a joyful event for parents. But already available children can react to it not absolutely as mother with the father would like.

Often happens and so that the senior child begins to behave kaprizny, than earlier, arranges hysterics and in other various ways shows the jealousy of the appeared kid.

He suddenly realizes that the parental love should be shared with someone else, earlier - that it got all love and attention of mother and father only.

Parents not always understand, than the similar behavior is caused and therefore not always know what in such situation to do. It is impossible to punish the child at all, these can offend even more him, in a consequence of what his behavior will become even worse.

Of course, it is the best of all to prepare it in advance for the fact that in a family there will be a replenishment soon, to explain to him as it is good to be the senior child, an example for imitation, and it will have some advantages. Tell how it is good when in a family two (or it is more) children.

It is possible that any similar explanations after the birth of the kid will be apprehended by the child as notations, and he will react to them negatively. In that case better with interest to involve it in education and care of the little brother or the sister. The more interesting time they will spend together, the their relations will be closer.

It is possible to give it small instructions that he could feel the importance for the younger baby. If him is already able to read well, let read to the kid of the book before going to bed especially as it will do good to both kids. It is possible to ask of the senior for help with economy that he felt the importance in all family affairs, but did not feel only as the nurse. For example, going behind products, it is possible to consult safely on it what to buy and what to prepare for dinner for all family. Before days off it is possible to ask his opinion on how it is more interesting to spend them or where all family to go to have a rest.

Happens so that the senior child lives in the room, certain of parents, while the newborn sleeps together with parents in one bed and to him it is paid to nearly 100% of parental attention. It promotes origin of jealousy too. Can seem to the senior child that parents, especially mother, completely separated from him that it is not necessary to them any more, and the new child came to his former place now.

In such situation it is necessary to involve it in process of education and care of younger as much as possible. On walk he can roll a carriage, houses he can help mother to dress and undress the baby, will help with children`s shop with the choice of toys and clothes. Yes practically in each question it is possible to consult to it, to ask his opinion.

If mother has no time for the senior child at all, the father can always come to the rescue of her. For example, those days when mummy runs on policlinics with the newborn the baby or it is completely busy with house efforts, the father (the grandmother or still someone from relatives) can safely go with the senior child to a zoo, at cinema, to cafe or still where - nibud (it is better if the child himself chooses the place where to descend). It is possible to enter such tradition as one day a month - in honor of the senior that is for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner - what it will choose, entertainments during the day too on its discretion.

Anyway the senior child should let know that he is loved not less, than earlier that about it nobody forgot. And with the advent of the so-called competitor it loses nothing, on the contrary - the little man with whom to it will cheerfully play and who will become it the good friend will grow up soon. It is only necessary to have patience and to wait a little.