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Fried eggs - a breakfast without problems? Welcome

, the simplest dish which everyone is obliged to know how to cook, respecting himself and stomach, the person, is FRIED EGGS. And whether you how many questions are born in a preparation time of this dish reflected? Is not present? Then we will try to prepare.

First of all we go to shop. What eggs it is better to buy? On counters of shop the huge choice of this product: eggs with a shell of white and golden color... Besides, they still are in a company packing or by the piece. We make up the mind to this serious step and, on the advice of the woman who stands behind you and waits for the turn, we buy eggs with a golden shell.

Here, at last, we in kitchen. It seems all nothing, but here suddenly arises a question: fresh they or not? Here so problem. You do not want that your breakfast went, did not do you good more true. We call mother. Mother told to put eggs in water. We put. One of five for some reason emerged, so inedible. We liquidate.

Included a plate, put a frying pan, it is necessary is buttered to fill in. Glanced in the refrigerator and What oil to pour on a frying pan? Well, it is easy. You watched advertizing that refined better and more usefully. We fill in. Stop! And what amount of oil to pour? Mother speaks: approximately. We decide to cover with oil a frying pan bottom.

It seems the most difficult behind, but not here - that was. Also begin we with a clever look to twist egg because we do not know how to break, lengthways or across? All the matter is that on television somehow spoke: More tasty it turns out when you choose the way egg lengthways . Having a little thought, we decide to break nevertheless across, so easier.

But than to break - a knife or against edge of a frying pan? Mother always uses edge of a frying pan, and the elder brother uses a knife. To whom to trust, to mother or the brother? Eh, was - was not, we will take a knife. And the uncertain movements we split eggs. Hurrah! It`s a go! But one yolk spread.

Sudden panic. Or perhaps to prick all yolks? So - with, it is necessary to solve: to leave yolks whole or to mix with protein. After short meeting on phone with the girlfriend we leave everything as was. Experiments demand the victims.

Everything goes according to the plan, so, " soon; let`s have a bite . Ah yes, forgot to salt - that. We pull out from a bouquet on the refrigerator a camomile and we begin to guess: to or after readiness to salt our dish. While guessed, edges of fried eggs began to blacken. At once the reflex of sharp switching off of a plate works. It seems rescued. Now it is possible and to salt.

Hurrah! Hurrah! we Give to a table and we begin to gnaw. All vanity is up the spout. The saying says: Better luck next time .

I Hope, next time everything will turn out.

Bon appetit!