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The minimum of ware is how many?

Sooner or later, whether it be a young family, the nonresident student or the lonely bachelor, we begin to conduct own economy. And it it is better than a message rationally - with the smallest expense of forces, time and money. Each of us if does not love

, then is forced to eat at least sometimes. How to be equipped for cooking? And it is unimportant, whether it be kitchen own, municipal or obshchezhitsky. On the last, however, not to do without the kind relations, and that suddenly meat from borsch vanishes or in porridge sand will be found...

1. If you have a gas stove, but time - a thing valuable, then not to do without microwave oven (to warm a semi-finished product or a cup of coffee). However, and the ware will be required corresponding to safety measures (without plastic or metal elements).

2. The plate requires at least one baking sheet, a lattice, couple of tacks and supports for hot.

3. If there is a wish to increase the level of knowledge in the field of cookery - it is possible to acquire couple of simple and intelligible books - Russian cuisine in exile Fast culinary help or something similar. If it is possible to inherit or find at bibliopoles The Book about tasty and healthy food in one of many editions - consider that you were lucky.

4. One of the most responsible things - the choice of pans and frying pans. It is important to pay attention not only to design, but also functionality, and care with them. There is an example: the small aluminum saucepan (milk, the porridge) enameled liter on two (potato and other vegetables, macaroni) and is slightly more (soup for several days, compote). At least couple - pig-iron with a thick bottom (meat, fish, cutlets, an omelet) and with a teflon covering (pancakes, fried eggs) is better than frying pans.

5. If you do not use the electric kettle, it is necessary to buy metal three-liter. Zavarochny chaynichek will not prevent too. There - a sugar bowl and a vase for pastries.

6. Couple of boards for cutting of products, a colander or a sieve, a skimmer, a can opener and, of course, cook three : a big meat and fish knife, average - for vegetables less - for bread. If you are accustomed to cook cutlets or pelmeni of the house - the meat grinder is necessary (there are also electric). You love a jelly - get a hatchet for meat, and for chops the special hammer is necessary.

7. Account, passing objects - spoons - forks, plates - bowls, glasses - mugs. Here who as will manage to be equipped - the main thing that there were enough for themselves and relatives at least. Average option - the whole 66 objects: on 6 glubokikh of service plates, saucers, dining rooms and teaspoons, forks, cups, glasses and shot glasses. Always it is necessary to have napkins - paper not to be wiped by toilet paper, and woven - together with at least one cloth.

8. At last, the different technical devices urged to facilitate kitchen work from a press for garlic and nuts, a yaytserezka and an ovoshchechistka to mixers, blenders and toasters, up to fancy combines - it is defined by your welfare and the imagination, but will not prevent to have at least several such things definitely.

9. A decor - jars different there, pans up to services. Esthetically, and which - where is practical: butterdish, saltcellar and pepperbox.

In principle, forgot like nothing. Let kitchen work awake in you only positive emotions!