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What is an old age, or All we will be there.

the Death is inseparable from life, and it is possible to treat her differently.

For someone it the benefit, for someone angrily. Perhaps we will try to understand?

Having faced death of people close or just familiar to us, we suffer. This reaction - in human nature cannot be also condemned or called into question. But, if to rummage more deeply in the soul, then everything is much more curious.

For whom actually we feel sorry?

The person who left us or, deserted after withdrawal from our life of the loved one? The answer to this question will be difficult.

Whether really we regret about a sad fate of the dead, that he did not dolyubit, did not add the book, did not realize the dreams, did not see something in life? whether

So it if it is very honest? And when he was living whether our soul with his soul in sympathy to his pains and expectations merged?

Death of the loved one as it seems to me, changes for the worse not it, and our life. And we, most often, also mourn it. In most cases we mourn not deceased, but the future unfortunate destiny, the orphanhood: On whom you abandoned me?! We dealt With it a little.

If life - the benefit, and in it is not enough who doubts, then death of the good person or own death for, for example, atheist - fear which awakens in it dreams of eternal life on Earth. There is a question and of meaning of life. So why the person comes to Earth? To live, breed and die, once and forever?

When from the Bible all mentions of reincarnation were cleaned, the subject of revival became absolutely unclear and speculative.

The person in to business trip on Earth according to, for example, believers, has to know authentically whether there will be life after death or not, and it will raise the stakes it udach and mistakes.

If this is so, then death - a necessary phase of development of the person, as well as the birth and to linger on Earth too for a long time - all the same what to be late in maternity hospital.

It is possible to believe, as a fruitful hypothesis that meaning of life of the person in realization by it through acts of the ethical principles underlain approximately equally in all religions and duplicated in subconsciousness of each person. We call this internal voice connecting us good luck conscience.

It is much written about the childhood, youth and mature age, but it is not enough about an old age and if it is written, then with some shame. This shame arises because that our atheistic outlook forces us to avoid thoughts of death because it is understood as a dreadful defect of doctors and biologists, and an ideal is life infinite.

However it approximately the same as to wish to change never at plant the equipment, and all the time it to repair. But business even not in technical absurdity of a biological problem definition.

In what mission of an old age?

In summing up life, in emergence at the elderly person of that disinterested wisdom before which there is a wish to kneel.

In this regard hormonal withering of an organism, the termination of function of a child-bearing, weakening of muscular forces and touch systems is not senselessly conceived at all. All this pursues the same aim - to weaken a flow of external information to create a quiet background for summing up.

Ours of Komsomolsk - the party past suggested us only one behavior model - to work, work and work, will not kick the bucket yet. At the same time and at advanced age in spite of the fact that the person works worse, thinks not so quickly, claims remain the same. As a result he takes offense at all this world, for senile offenses there are neurosises, from them an illness, and the elderly person becomes the frequenter of policlinic among the same sufferers.

Well and what you offer, will ask me?

Very simple thing - it is wise to follow advice of the body. Life of the full-fledged adult consists, first of all, in knowledge, in the analysis. The person pulls the world threads and learns the world and himself through interaction with the world. To intensify this process, it is given powerful instincts which push him to action. And he acts very much, everywhere typing information, materializing the existence.

By the beginning of an old age of this information the huge heap as if the huge hall which is filled up with books about anything collects. Comes it is time to think that it is a high time to cease to collect new books, there is a need to make the catalog of old, to divide them on genres, to place priorities etc. And to prove this transition, there are irreversible changes in health of the person that he could not act with former energy.

And here the infirmity corporal generates spiritual power. The person is forced to be engaged in summing up, at first from a hopelessness, and then begins to enjoy and finds the new version of happiness - understanding whole!

God can take away to himself the soul which executed the mission, and can give a second wind to the person, to leave it on Earth for some time. Also this person will become the wise man to whom people - who will reach for council who behind participation who behind compassion.

And now question. Why emergence of this second wind is possible? Probably, because the person is fed, first of all, by spiritual food, our aspiration to understand deeds, to confess and bring order to soul.

Just the chain of fulfillments becomes isolated: the person was born, learned to live, lived, summed up the results, drew the necessary conclusions and died. Perhaps, for the sake of this chain it was also sent to Earth?