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What should not be done to pregnant women, according to signs and whether it is necessary to trust in it?

Future mummies and their loving relatives will always remember though some sign connected with pregnancy, but very few people will be able to explain why in such interesting situation it is impossible to be cut, photographed or knit...

The origin of the majority of signs and superstitions on expectation of the kid is lost far in the past, but all of them were urged to secure the woman and her child.

Even if the woman before pregnancy does not differ in special superstitiousness, in a waiting time of the baby it becomes more sensitive to similar things. To be defined, trust or to trust signs, it is necessary to know what they are based on. How in them not to get confused?

1. It is impossible to sew and knit that not to sew up to the child entrance to this world.

Many women during pregnancy have both time, and desire these affairs to be engaged. Whether it is worth losing (so, and future child) positive emotions? Of course, no! Especially as there is other belief: if future mother knits something for the kid, she constructs for him invisible, but strong protection against an evil eye. Agree that to believe in it much more pleasantly.

2. It is impossible to prepare a dowry for the kid in advance, otherwise something happens to yet not been born child.

Of course if, having bought a lovely thing for the baby, you begin to exhaust yourself doubts and fears, then it is better to be limited to drawing up the list of the necessary things. But if purchase does not bring you anything, except pleasure, take in head to refuse it!

3. The pregnant woman cannot be drawn or photographed, otherwise development of the child will stop.

Now as a denial of this prejudice in magazines we often see pictures of pregnant stars and models, successfully subsequently become mothers. Remember that in several months you will not possess any more so lovely tummy so do not miss the moment.

4. It is impossible to be cut as it is possible to truncate life of future kid.

In many hairdressing salons even refuse to serve pregnant women, advising them to come after the delivery. But if you got used to a hairstyle without which you feel uncomfortablly, and the grown hair strongly disturb you, certainly, it is necessary to have hair cut! And here with painting of hair it is better to wait.

5. It is impossible to speak about pregnancy until the stomach becomes swept up to protect the woman from an evil eye.

But sometimes it turns out so that, having informed people around of the situation, you can count on more careful attitude to yourself.

6. It is impossible to look on ugly and terrible as it can affect appearance of the kid.

Of course, it will hardly affect appearance of the child, but here the emotional condition of mother and baby can suffer. So try to look that it is pleasant to you.

7. It is impossible to take a bath as microbes can get to the kid and do much harm to him.

Actually, the bathtub is very useful to future mother as it allows it to relax. And from microbes the baby it is protected at least by a dense bubble. Here duration of a bathtub has to be no more than 10 - 15 minutes, at the same time water temperature - about 36 degrees.

There is still a set of any signs on this subject, everything cannot simply be listed. I told you only about signs most widespread presently which I had to face.