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What to present for the Teachers` Day?

For the Teachers` Day can be given gifts to teachers. Usually it is done by pupils though parents most often buy a gift. What gift it is better to present to the teacher that it was pleasant and remembered?

Why YOU want to present something to your teachers or teachers of your child? That they gave good marks? Not to differ from all? That the teacher did not take offense? Or only because it is so accepted? Then, probably, really it is worth being limited to simple tea or candies. But such gift is original only for the teacher who at all is given nothing! Because even if teacher, as they say, bad it will be given gifts - that strict was not such!

Parents are people from school far. They do not know either interests of teachers, or their hobbies. Therefore rather good a gift only the pupil can choose . It is the best of all that the gift was durable - to hell candies and coffee, a lot of sweet is harmful and to them not to drink the presented coffee even for two lives!

The main thing in a gift - originality. Your gifts not only have to differ from gifts which were chosen by other school students, but also to be unique in yours Father Frost`s bag . It will be not really pleasant to the teacher if at an entrance to others office he sees the same knickknack, as well as at it. You have to emphasize originality of the teacher, you show these the respect for it.

And now, actually, to gifts. Besides, I will remind about hobbies of teachers. For example, my teacher cannot give candies - he loves them, but he has a diabetes. As he is a teacher of Russian, I decided to present it the beautiful decorative handle (black with gold, on a support).

A gift it is also possible to help itself - I know people who gave to some teachers who are not watching themselves, spirits and cologne. From teachers it became normal to smell at once! But such gift, of course, very risky. In - the first, spirits are a hint, some can understand and take offense it. In - the second, many women very carefully choose aroma for themselves, and to men cologne is chosen usually by wives.

And here I presented to the teacher on drawing a usual gift - tea. But it was in very beautiful round can and as a sphere - a rare form for banks with tea, such gift pleased our teacher.

If you well know the teacher, then for certain you will be able to tell that for a gift he wants. If you do not know - ask. Yes! Russian is rich and mighty, and quite in conversation it is possible as a joke to screw a question: What you would like a gift? Better, of course, if it is not before the holiday. You will also show these as you are attentive to the teacher.

Packing is very important . A beautiful bag - such sell in any shop. A card - it is remarkable! Do not forget to write something there, by hand, and to subscribe. If the gift small (the same handle - costs much, but the gift looks unpresentably from - for the sizes), then it is possible to buy a bow or just beautiful paper ribbon - it visually increases a gift. To pack a gift in layers of brown paper, I think, is not necessary - the good teacher will surely look at a gift at the donator, and time at teachers has not enough, they are busy persons, to unpack gifts - and that there is no time!

Simply it is impossible to approach and stretch a gift. And just to mutter something - not comme il faut. It is necessary to approach, smile, and to tell What to tell? You know it. Just it is better to congratulate some teachers, with some it is possible to joke (only do not go too far). Personally words occur to me, I do not think over them in advance. If to you difficult so, straight away, prepare the speech in advance: only to steam of offers, but warm, not on duty, with all the heart!

And most important. Teachers are the people who are engaged in a responsible and hard work. They give us the main thing in life - knowledge and experience. Also it consists even not in mathematical formulas, and in communication and in interaction with teachers! They give you a part of energy, knowledge - every day! They suffer even rudeness, close eyes to bad behavior and with a sigh put troyak for work, for which and two it is a pity.

In forces of pupils to thank the mentors. Teachers, they were such too, all of them understand, just sometimes are tired and despair, here and raise on us the voice!

Let you the brawler and the poor student, but if you come to the Teachers` Day, present to the teacher a gift if with all the heart you congratulate him and will be the whole day (at least one!) to behave not so ugly, you will have all bases to believe that you were forgiven for all last sins!