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Why children are too bright?

of Such children should be noticed. They should touch everything, to pull or kick. Noise, din, bustle, impudence and small skirmishes - the integral component of their existence. Around them the constant center of intensity, is necessary adults to be on the alert and to be in a constant combat readiness to immediate actions for establishing order.

At first sight usual bad manners. But actually education in these cases is of the most little importance. Intelligent parents of bright children often stay in perplexity and cannot explain behavior of children with anything reasonable.

Physicians make to too active children the diagnosis hyperactivity syndrome also recognize existence of hyperkinetic frustration. Recently such children more and more. It is considered that in Russia about 2 million children suffer from a syndrome. But if to consider that parents ask for medical care, as a rule, as a last resort, real number of children with frustration, most likely, much more.

The hyperactivity characterizes features of nervous system when processes of excitement prevail over braking. More often such diagnosis is made to boys.

Tendency to a hyperactivity is put usually during the pre-natal period of development of the child. The maternal concern, uncertainty in tomorrow and fears affect a fruit, leave a mark for many years. Mothers about 80% of hyperactive children are lonely or divorced.

The transient rhythm of modern life, activity of the pregnant woman, work during incubation of the child and the solution of the problems which are not connected directly with future motherhood influence the child too. In underdeveloped countries where the standard of living is lower, the syndrome of a hyperactivity of children meets less often.

At school from - for the reduced attention it is heavier to hyperactive children to study, more difficultly to sit out lessons. On the other hand, the increased intellectual school loadings somewhat provoke a hyperactivity. Often the child outgrows, and to awkward age gets rid of a syndrome, but at some the residual phenomena remain all life, the type of nervous system does not change.

Correction of a hyperactivity, first of all, requires observance of a daily routine. Cinema and the TV, in particular horror films and fighters, it is better to limit. And here sport will only be useful, in particular the swimming soothingly operating on nervous system.

It is expedient to exclude exciting drinks from food - coffee, the cook - Coca. To limit chocolate, hot and salty dishes. Seasonal vitamin support is useful. Sometimes intervention of physicians, but unlike the USA is required, in Russia drug treatment by psychotropic drugs is not considered panacea.

It is difficult to keep from abuse concerning noise and a disorder. But it is better to make over himself effort. From frequent propesochivaniye the child can draw a conclusion that it bad and to behave according to the imposed image.

And it is good. Unless the vashrebenok can be bad?