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What is spoon massage?

Spoon As this word is familiar to us. To a spoon it is a lot of centuries. And always only ate with it. And the German doctor Rene Koch developed unique system of spoon massage, having processed therapy of the mother. It always put a metal spoon to bruises and disobedient little Rene`s grazes.

Having learned on the doctor, Rene Koch brought a scientific basis under massage by spoons. He developed not only massage by the cold, but also hot, and flavored spoons for massage of different parts of a body. Having read this information, I decided to test it in practice, to check, so to speak, on myself.

Feelings are inexpressible! It is worth trying. The effect comes, of course, only at systematic use. It is easy to find a complex of this massage on the websites about health and beauty, having set the necessary data in the searcher. I now about the feelings. About the experience.

The main movement - circular. Clockwise and against. Took spoons silver, big. Prepared a basis - olive oil plus 2 drops radio - took melissa oil. Warmed up spoons in warm water, smeared with oil and - for work! If someone saw me - would think that I have he with sincere health of a problem. Spoons smoothly go on a face and a neck. Pleasantly! And of how many problems got rid! Looked younger, again the flush played and wrinkles left somewhere.

And one good acquaintance roused me to this feat. Long ago I did not see it. And she strenuously hides the age. And suddenly - all such summer, such looked younger flits! And what neck! The secret it, mysteriously smiling, opened reluctantly: I was helped by doctor Koch . I thought that in the city some modern magician appeared. Natural curiosity forced to ask a question to the uncle to Yandex. And how many interesting and necessary I learned! The experimenter in soul - I started being influenced at once. You did not try it yet? The spoon takes out an array of problems. Both cellulitis cleans, and bags under eyes, and the second chin. And, above all, nourishes skin and softly masses it, and face contours find big clearness. Muscles become more elastic. It should be tried. At first for the sake of interest. And having seen results, to make it a habit. Useful habit.

The spoon hot or warm helps to massage a face and a neck. Lowered in in melkokoloty ice - tightens eyelids and eliminates bags and dark circles under eyes. The cold spoon around a navel (clockwise) well cleans fatty folds. Warm spoons actively promassirut area of a decollete. I think, the principle is clear.

Skin has to be pure, without cosmetics. Spoons are warmed up or cooled and work smoothly, without stretching lines. Optimum time for procedures - right after awakening. And day will become brighter! And compliments are more often!

Beauty to you and a positive in soul!