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How to construct the confidential relations with children?

Probably, all parents want that their relations with children were warm and confidential that the baby was not afraid to share the problems and was not too reserved.

But the foundation of such relations is always laid in the earliest childhood when the kid only begins to learn world around.

How it is necessary to bring up the baby that further at you with it everything was good and smooth? There are 10 golden rules of education which will help you.

1. Respect desires of the child and his interests. You treat him as to small, but persons.

2. Trust the child. On trust between people cordial relations are always under construction.

3. Be sincerely with the kid even if the child still absolutely small and you are not sure that he understands all your words. The kid perfectly understands your intonation, a mimicry and tone of conversation.

4. You praise the baby for good acts and well made things more often. If in the childhood you swear and shout at it, then when he grows up, will answer you with the same.

5. Be for the kid a great friend, help it to take place on a hard way in this world. You treat him, as equal.

6. Be engaged in something together. Draw, walk, you play pranks... Generally, do together all to that the kid so rejoices.

7. Communicate more. Try to make so that your talk was more similar to friendly chats. If promised something to the child, surely execute! It and the kid will teach to keep the word pledged to them.

8. Do not push away from yourself the baby when are busy with household chores. Over time by method of mistakes, tests and failures the baby will become you the good assistant, it can easily clean toys, get the washed things from the machine, wipe dust....

9. Listen to own intuition. Sometimes she will prompt to parents how to treat the child in this or that situation.

10. The most important rule - huge patience to the little man. If you came home tired, and you have no forces at all to play with it, quietly explain him it, but do not raise the voice at all! Suggest to read, for example, together the book or to look at animated cartoons until mother is gained strength for more intensive games.

Remember that if you push away him from yourself now, do not want to find for him the time once again, he will push away you then when becomes more senior and when already you need his communication.

As we know, the foundation of the relations is laid in the earliest childhood, but not once then.