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Whether harmfully to use cellular communication?

Cellular communication was strongly included into our life. Number of happy owners mobile phones grows before the eyes. Three years ago them (or us) was only one billion. Today already two and a half. Conveniences are indisputable. Communication - not only pleasure, but also need. You get used to good quickly.

But good it is necessary to pay for all. Than? First of all, health. The controversial statement, you will tell. Also you will be formally right. Nobody conducted any sound researches, and nobody convincingly proved that the electromagnetic radiation of the cellular device is unhealthy. As, actually, nobody proved also that cellular communication does not bear to health any harm.

Reflect: more than a third of the population of Earth uses services of cellular communication. Turnover of producers tubes and operators - billions of dollars. And suddenly there is no sponsor for payment of researches which positive result is capable to increase profit even more. Whether it is strange? Of course, such giants mobilostroyeniye as Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson and so forth conduct researches in protection of the production. But where incontestable, convincing proofs of harmlessness? So nobody presented them.

The first person who filed a lawsuit against producers mobile phones there was American David Reynard. In far 1992 - m to year he considered that the radiation of the cell phone was the cause of developing of a cancer tumor at his wife. Despite publicity, court suspended trial in view of lack of scientific proofs. Further the American fund of health at the end of 2003 - go established years on the basis of the researches conducted at the expense of the companies of mobile communication that deterioration in health is not connected with radiation.

A bit later the group of scientists of Essensky university in Germany reported that their researches of patients with one of types of cancer of eye show that patients used services of cellular communication much more often, than other people. Authors of the researches conducted in Great Britain claim that continuous use of cellular communication increases risk of a disease of a brain cancer by 2,5 times.

The Belarusian researchers from the Minsk medical university established that already minute conversation causes changes of electrophysiological activity of a brain and arterial pressure.

To whom to trust? To the statistics or researches paid by the interested firms? To solve to ourselves.

The Russian national committee on protection against not ionizing radiation recommends to carry on conversation on cellular not longer than three minutes, with breaks between talk not less than 15 minutes.

Children are especially sensitive to the radiation of the mobile phone. Children`s bones including cranial, more thinly, and to a lesser extent weaken harmful effects. Besides, children it is easier than adults therefore value of the SAR parameter for them appears more settlement.

Recommendations about decrease in risk are known long ago. The simplest - not to call. I think, I will not be mistaken if I assume what uses such opportunity to secure myself against radiation less and less people.

Any practical recommendation, eventually, is consolidated to reduction of level of radiation or removal of a source of a signal from a body of the person. For example, it is possible to use hands font - free. However, around devices disputes do not stop. The British association of consumers claims that hands wire - free works as the antenna, and can significantly increase harmful effects. Wireless fonts in itself are a radiation source, but the power of their transmitter is much lower, than at the cell phone.

Power of radiation of the transmitter of the cell phone is not constant, and depends on remoteness of a base station. The it is closer, the level of the signal radiated by phone is less. If between " mobile phone; and tower there is some obstacle, for example, a metal body of the car, concrete overlappings of the building or just the hand of the person covering the antenna, the level of radiation of the mobile device increases.

On Earth there is the most real large-scale biological experiment with the person. Whether we will survive in the mobile world and what we will offer for the sake of a survival? You do not hurry to become the active participant of this experiment. Your health still in your hands.