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Whether Natalya Pushkina is guilty of death of the poet?

on September 8, 1812 (on August 27 on old style), 190 years ago, Karian, the Tambov province where Goncharov` family with children lived after the compelled departure from Moscow from - for Napoleon`s invasions, was born in the estate the girl who was named Natasha. The grandfather of Tasha (as her family called) very much loved her, and therefore madly indulged. Afanasy Nikolaevich wrote out for it toys and clothes only from Paris: porcelain dolls, books, balls, other intricate toys, expensive dresses - all this arrived in large numbers.

Surrounded with such attention, Natasha did not know any cares: loved walks, the benefit in dedovy ancient park which had the sizes very impressive, it was dug more than dozen of ponds, and in each of them swans floated. Home it was very difficult to be tired out.

Idyll ended when Natasha was 6 years old, at this age it also was taken away by mother. And at once faced that her daughter that is called is canny. It to Natalya - senior (and mother was called quite so too) very much was not pleasant, she always spoke: Still waters run deep

At Natalya Ivanovna youth was too rough. When she was a charming girl, A. Ya. Okhotnikov, the empress`s favourite from whom the empress had a daughter fell in love with her to madness kavalergard. But in a year he was killed. And then, not to compromise the girl, Natalya Ivanovna was hastily married to Nikolay Afanasyevich Goncharov, the son of the owner of linen plants, perfectly educated and the handsome themselves. At wedding there was all imperial surname: the emperor Alexander I, the empress, the widow empress - mother, grand dukes and princesses. What caused the mass of a gossip Is clear to

, she very much wanted that the daughter was fighting that around it gentlemen curled, and she not that to coquet, is not even able to support a keen interest to the person. Externally, it seems, tries to comply with mother`s requests, but only when is in the eyes. And slightly turned away - and it was already again closed in the to a sink .

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin got acquainted with Natalya on a ball at the famous dancing-master. Also it was struck with its beauty. And if to consider what from the beautiful girl and the word could not be extended, then the burned lady`s man decided that it is clever and unusually lovely. As the poet wrote in the letter to future mother-in-law: he was simply struck and in a hurry left Moscow not to tease the imagination.

And further there was what sometimes happens to men at the sight of the beautiful, but unapproachable girl. It has that, has to be, there is no release from admirers - young people argued, - so, the chance to be refused is very big . To become a laughing-stock in the opinion of society the much bigger evil, than to catch such doll in the wife. That is why Natasha had no worthy offers. And only the poet patiently tried to obtain her hand, having even been refused. It and so had a reputation not all that well - the ladies` man, the gambler and the person,

which is not brought closer to the emperor at all Who up and down jeered over the poet, so it is, naturally, Natalya Ivanovna. She solved to frighten off the poet the fact what will not give for the daughter kopeks and that he, the groom, has to pay repayment for such beauty. The drag with inheritance proceeded nearly a year, and, apparently, to the bride all this bored stiff. Understand its position: on the one hand nobody can woo it as she is already betrothed, and with another the mammy pickles the groom all new and new requirements

At last, the wedding took place. Whether Natalya Nikolaevna was happy in marriage? I am tormented by vague doubts. Perhaps, it was heated by the fact that her husband the poet, famous in Russia. But on the other hand, it, to put it mildly, was indifferent to its poetry. But household problems became much more serious test: the young wife who got used to luxury of a native home could not be reconstructed in any way on the fact that from now on her life is similar to a lottery, do not know whether the hubby will get money or will not carry them, having squandered behind green cloth.

It is enough to bring excerpts from one letter of young Pushkina to the brother Dmitry, dated July, 1836. I frankly admit, - she, - writes the brother that we in such distress that there are days when I do not know how to master the house, the head goes around. I very much do not want to disturb the husband all the small economic efforts, already I see how he is sad, suppressed, cannot sleep at night, and, is investigative, in such mood is not able to work to provide us means of livelihood: to compose, his head has to be free

That at Pushkin not all was smooth, also Natalya Nikolaevna`s daughter from second marriage Aleksandra Arapova noted. She remembered how mother told it about the first months of life as the married lady: Often in the mornings she sat in a drawing room with a knitting and embroidery absolutely one, she has nobody was also the word to peremolvitsya because the husband had it an ordinary habit to be locked after a breakfast in an office and to write hours to two p.m., and she dared and did not want to disturb it, forbidding and to servants to rustle and disturb the barin in vain. All house tiptoed!

And how four children? Natalya Nikolaevna from the unloved husband would begin to give birth to them? You never can tell. Pathologically jealous Pushkin perfectly knew that the safest condition of the wife in reflection of attacks of the same ladies` men, as well as he, is permanent pregnancy. With her heavy toxicoses, nausea and unwillingness to see nobody. Try to cause hot passion in the pleasant man on the sixth - the seventh month of pregnancy!

And then presence of one child will hardly stop the woman before desire to poflirtovat, and here three - four kids with their unexpected colds, temperature increase etc. at anyone will kill desire to slip out the house on some intimate appointment!

Whether Natalya Nikolaevna is guilty of death of the poet? Whether it met secretly the baron Dantes, future murderer? Only one appointment on Idaliya Poletiki`s apartment, wives of the regimental commander Dantes is officially registered. But Pushkina not ran there to humour the artful Frenchman and to beg to leave her and the husband alone. Especially appointment took place in Poletiki`s presence.

Many books about those who " are written; for a fun inflated slightly hidden fire . Apparently, Natalya Nikolaevna was not guilty of anything. And the well-known Award of cuckolds in which her spouse was accepted was created only to push the poet to death. Meanwhile, if all those husbands to whom Alexander Sergeyevich cuckolded in due time would gather - in this horned wood the poet would wander three days and three nights

It and removed all possible talk on participation of the wife in the duel. Pushkina when he was brought in the house, the words turned to the wife were the first words of the wounded: Be quiet, you there is nothing it is not guilty!

It is necessary to add that seven years later after death of the poet Natalya Nikolaevna married the general Pyotr Lansky. In new marriage it had three more daughters - Aleksandra, Elizabeth and Sofya.

The widow Pushkina died on November 26 (on December 8 on new style) 1863, in the gloomy autumn morning, seen off by tears of the cold rain passing into small snow...

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