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How to make the proposal to marry?

Ah, this instant unique when knock, hearts " knock with emotion; - in August - September in thousands restaurants, apartments, motor ships these words " will begin to sound; Wedding ring so, the time of weddings came.

But to honest pirk and wedding one more important point is necessary to lovers, it is trembling - concerning for future bride and is painful - disturbing for the groom - the offer of a hand and heart.

Earlier, this process, difficult for men, in many respects became simpler by means of ritual customs of courtship, kidnapping of the bride. Today in pragmatic time these traditions are forgotten how, however, and the fact of the Offer Young people just begin to live together, or decide to register the relations without any there excess verbal delicacy.

Meanwhile, female desires, at least, in this question remained the same. The woman can remember all the life such sentimental moments as the first recognition, day when darling asked it to become a wife. And as asked.

First rule: Your offer has to be pleasant to your lady, i.e. correspond to her character, a way of life, temperament. For someone the romantic dinner at restaurant will be an ideal situation, for someone joint parachute jump or a declaration of love in a body - or an air etc. of

Remember that for the woman is one of the most important rituals for which she was trained by tales of the Cinderella, of all princes on white horses, infinite series and romance novels can become the most suitable situation. As an example it is possible to cite cases when beauties several times rejected the offer of a hand of the darling, repeating: I do not want that I was called in marriage quite so!

To please the darling, your offer has to be special. If to trust Michael Webb, to the American expert, 80% of women consider that the proposal made them was insufficiently romantic. Therefore try to find proper words, it is possible poetic lines of both own, and someone else`s composition, the song address (and - la the serenade), the written address or on asphalt before the beloved`s window, or on the billboard rented especially for these purposes helps.

You should not underestimate effect of surprise, mysteriousness. Grooms often resort to a trick with search of surprises, according to special hints; attract fortunetellers whose purpose to hint at the future changes As classical it is possible to consider the offer on the Big wheel or other attraction (except a roller coaster), a trick with the gift packings put by the principle of a nested doll, in the smallest of boxes the ring or an otkrytochka with the question ", as a rule, lies; You Will marry me?

The choice of the phrase also matters. Try to avoid dictatorial I want that you became my wife it is better to ask, but not to claim. But for a start tell the girl about the feelings, force it to believe that you that only with whom she has to carry out all the life.

Alas, there is no uniform recipe of the unforgettable marriage offer. What words will be pronounced in what situation under what soundtrack (noise of a surf, game of a violin, a hindrance of cellular communication (the last extremely is not recommended)) and what expression of eyes will be at the same time will be, depends on each case, the specific person, to be exact couple.

And separate council for women If you want that treasured words were heard exactly as you dreamed it, composed since the childhood, try to help both of you, to hint at it to the elect, or just send it a reference to the necessary article