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How to keep a piece of summer? Part 2

can be kept Summer differently, and it is possible so that it was tasty, it is useful, nourishingly and was about what to remember in the winter

Tinned summer

Marinade reduces process of a fermentation of vegetables and helps fruits to be stored longer without special difficulties. But it is necessary to remember that marinade is not so useful as a fermentation. At a fermentation certain microorganisms come into effect, in marinades of live microorganisms is not present at all. It is very simple to prepare marinade - it is well added some salt acidified water which is boiled thoroughly with spices which can fill in anything. Be not afraid to experiment - a water-melon in marinade, peaches with nuts in marinade, or marinated salty grapes will surely find the admirers.

we Preserve plums: put an allspice pinch, several pieces of carnations, a cinnamon piece on a bottom of a one-liter jar, then densely lay plums. For marinade on 0,5 l. waters of 0,5 tablespoons of salt and 2 tablespoons of sugar, one drop of lemon acid. Boil marinade, fill in and roll up.

We preserve tomatoes: on a bottom of a 3-liter jar put a leaf of horse-radish and a stalk of fennel. Then wash out tomatoes and densely lay in bank. For marinade - 1,5 l. waters, 1 h l. salts, 1 tablespoon of sugar, several peas of allspice and several laurel leaves. To boil and fill in marinade with it tomatoes in bank, then to add 1 h l. vinegar.

We preserve vegetables: on a bottom of cans put a leaf of horse-radish and a stalk of fennel, a parsley root, couple of garlic gloves. Then cut large pieces paprika, cucumbers, vegetable marrows, cabbage and lay in banks, from above add several small tomatoes. For marinade on 1 3-liter jar - 1,5 l. waters, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of salt, several laurel leaves, allspice, 1 tablespoon of vinegar. To boil marinade and to fill in with boiled water vegetables in bank. To twirl.

Summer in sugar

In sugar syrup fruit do not lose the features and even are capable to surprise and please in the winter, and often and to treat the vitamins and minerals.

is very simple to Preserve fruit and berries. The main secret - do not feel sorry for sugar. Even without knowing technology, any fruit or berries can just be laid in bank and to fill in with sugar syrup (prokipyachenny water with a large amount of sugar) or just to boil fruits in sugar syrup before formation of homogeneous dense mass. And in bank

Jam from peaches: clear ripe peaches (1 kg) and wash out, cut with segments and boil thoroughly after boiling of 15 minutes on weak fire. Add 1 kg. sugar also boil thoroughly even minutes 15 - 20. Then let`s cool down and safely stack in the prepared banks which right there need to be rolled up and put to the warm place before full cooling.

Fruit jelly from currant: 1 kg. to wash out currants and to soften well. To boil 5 minutes and to filter juice. Pour out juice in a pan, add 0,5 kg of sugar, boil 15 more minutes on weak fire, stirring slowly. Then package in the prepared banks and roll up. Put cups with fruit jelly to the warm place until they completely cool down.

Jam from plums: prepare 0,5 kg of solid plums, wash up them and take stones, accurately lay fruits in bank. Then fill in boiled water, cover for several minutes and let`s be drawn. Merge water in a pan, add 0,5 kg. sugar, bring to boiling, then again fill in and roll up.

Liquid summer to

Natural juice and compotes are useful practically to all. Especially if they are prepared in house conditions with use of natural pure raw materials. They for an organism - a well of vitamins, minerals, chemical compounds and just tasty thing. Generally it is very simple to

to prepare juice and compotes for the winter - would be from what. It is rather simple to boil thoroughly juice of fruit or vegetables and to taste to add spices or sugar.

Juice from apples: Wash out apples and wring out juice by means of the juice extractor. Then bring to boiling, periodically removing foam. You hold on small fire, foam will not cease to be formed yet. Then pour juice in the prepared banks and roll up. Put to the warm place before cooling. there is no

If the juice extractor, it is possible to grate apples and to give days to be drawn, then to wring out this weight (it is possible through a gauze in several layers) and to boil thoroughly.

Fruit compotes: in prepared to bank fill up different berries (about 1 glass), fill up to taste sugar (on average 200 g) and fill in with boiled water. Then roll up and leave in the warm place to cool down.

Juice from beet: to Pass beet via the juice extractor and to boil thoroughly juice (it a small amount will turn out). For strengthening of medical impact on an organism it is possible to dilute it with in the same way the prepared carrot juice and to add sugar to taste. Such juice clears kidneys, a gall bladder and zhelchevyvodyashchy ways of sand and stones, and also tones up an organism and helps at blood diseases (consult to the doctor).

Progress to you in preparation of summer!