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What is Council for Millions ?

of Interview of the president of the International Academy Solar Way of Mikhail Shchelkonogov,

of the author of the service Council for Millions

to the Business magazine - the Digest.

Business - the Digest: Mikhail Nikolaevich, I am not a student of the International Academy the Solar Way. Therefore when I saw advertizing of your service on the blog Council for Millions mail. ru/community/swg - sovet, thought: not bad the person settled, reads clever books, pulls out quotes, generalizes them and gives out to millions at the fixed price. But further reading correspondences with friends extraordinary carried away me. There was a desire to ask you questions. Some of them can seem naive and provocative. But, apparently, you such also love.

M. Shchelkonogov: The format of interview is limited therefore I will be short:

First. My favourite motto: There are no silly questions, there are boorish, incompetent answers! Because if the person asks, so the question is vital for him, and there should not be a place of roughness or a sneer. Therefore - that also cannot be any provocation or naivety, want to know - please, you have the right!

Second. What means settled ? I slaved away 30 years and created, created, based, opened etc. Work and only work defines the person on the earth, it is perfectly known by each sensible businessman. Let`s look at any head and we will tell: well settled! It is clear, from outside any work seems trifling. From outside

Third. Service history: at the beginning of 2005 I, for maintenance of process of training in Academy at long distances, created on the Mail. ru free service in a format of electronic mailing. It were only Doctrine slogans the Solar Way, but literally in one day about 1000 people subscribed for them that surprised us. Further subscribers asked to complicate a task and to create mobile service SMS (a text format) that is already made. Practically at the same time there was a requirement to create mobile service MMS (a multimedia format) that in the mobile phone my voice transferring subtleties of intonations, accents, dominants sounded. Such service, according to our plans, will appear in the spring of 2008.

Fourth. The quotes used in Councils are not picked at random chaotically, but: a) represent the chosen theses of the strict, consecutive system carrying the name Filosofsko - the ethical Doctrine the Solar Way also are supplied with the necessary, showing a statement essence, author`s comments; b) when using the authorship of statements is specified that shows the synthetic party of the Manoeuvers of the joint venture; c) Councils are built under the Law of Power logic ((c) M. Shchelkonogov, 1993.) ; d) are given in harmonious methodical sequence that allows each person to develop without separation from real life, consistently, step by step, once again without troubling themselves since there is enough work for every day and without us.

Advertising module No. 1. Council for Millions.

of a DB: Pay fortunetellers and predictors for the fact that they do forecasts to the specific person. Astrologers make individual paid horoscopes and the general free. You charge a fee from all for a certain universal council. Whether it is honest?

M. Shch.: Honestly, because each subscriber will take only necessary for him today, the rest on moustaches will leak and will not get into a mouth so to say, paraphrasing fairy tales. Validly, because it is not imposed alien opinion fortunetellers, since this frank fraud: who can know your problems and tasks it is better than you?! Sincerely, because so-called generalizations there is my personal experience as founder of the Doctrine the Solar Way, the teacher of MASP and the businessman with a fifteen-year experience. Thus, each thesis passed the examination of the Law of Love! ((c) M. Shchelkonogov, 1993.)

Is clear that the student of Academy understands CM more deeply, more accurately and more particularly stranger the subscriber, but he is familiar with the theory and practice of the Doctrine. But also the person, not familiar with the joint venture, who is thoughtfully perceiving the arriving information is capable to take extreme benefit from Councils. Elementary analogy: teach all of us the multiplication table universal! Her knowledge and application depends on individual opportunities and need of each user. It, in your opinion, not honestly?

to the Service Council for Millions already it is more than two years. Accepting responses and thanks, I am glad that Councils enjoy popularity, and deservedly I am proud of it. In return, I guarantee: It is checked: there are no mines! .

DB: You claim that life is a business. It is known that the business purpose - receiving profit, that is material benefit. I know many people deprived of commercialism, but the rich spiritually. You think, they will agree with your statement?

M. Shch.: And I am personally familiar with a great number of absolutely mercantile persons who are engaged spiritual business well and that? The sun shines over all, and in the free country both cultural shoots, and weeds equally ascend. We need to judge them as it is bequeathed in the New Testament: for them you learn!

Academy of the joint venture is educational institution, and we understand business as business of all our life, what ours are devoted work and creativity completely, without the rest to. Thus, in business - profit, in creation of career - social growth, in creativity - pictures, scores, books etc. Service CM it is really universal so as far as the versatile person. To whom, tell, CM prevents to grow spiritually?! In Russian, rich there is also, first of all, spiritually rich person!

B than consists a problem - a task which the service " is urged to solve; CM ? Each professional of the business is closed in the area that negatively affects personal development, intensive development of business since limits the design horizons. Councils allow to expand the design horizons so as far as that is demanded by real need! All is possible and it is necessary to manage to create in one working days, without spending time for nothing.

Beauty of a picture depends on the artist! Your question reminded me an old school joke: the composition on the subject An axe Role in Dostoyevsky`s novel Crime and punishment . The joke, but nevertheless

If someone is able to live without bread, being engaged spiritual growth honor to it and praise! But! If, for example, very much concerns me at what school my daughter will study how to put on that is what books to read, travel etc. If I am concerned by my filial duty, and I care for aged mother, and I provide her comfortable life etc. If I need to direct and develop the Doctrine, Academy, to help people etc. And I will sit for a long time and to wait for a god-send, allow, there will be a ruin not only in my rest room, but also in all my life!

will be In each business someone with something discordant and what, to refuse the project to please to someone`s incompetent disagreement?

Advertising module No. 2. Council for Millions: pictures.

of a DB: By the millennia, since folklore, to the Russian person it was drummed: lie on the furnace, do nothing, happiness and good luck will come to you. Perhaps, it is necessary to cease to read to children of the fairy tale for the night, let thumb through comics with the American heroes better?

M. Shch.: No way!!! I speak as the teacher of the top skills now. In the Russian national fairy tales the great sense, actually practical techniques which can use every day is put if, of course, to be able to treat competently them. Fairy tales adjust children on eternal, true cultural traditions of Russia. For example, you mentioned about the furnace It is necessary to understand that it metaphorically is meant as richness of the country on which the daring powerful is cultivated. By the way, children perfectly understand it. It is specified in all our fairy tales, proverbs, sayings that nevertheless without effort you will not pull out fish from a pond. Yes, auxiliary tools are available - where without techniques? - but also pure magic business does not manage.

the Western culture, comics are interesting that they in them are preached activity, determination, action. It is bad that at the same time also roughness, already peculiar to many children of the work of the Instinct of Self-preservation which is not costituted in a framework of conditional decencies is often imposed). I do not consider correct to forbid to consider them and to create thereby the hands the forbidden sweet fruit, it is much worse than the provided freedom. Generally it is necessary to understand that comics - a temporary phenomenon. Everything as game in tell-tales, has to be in time and disappears by itself behind uselessness at a growing. But if to dwell upon a growing problem, you see, not each teenager has

the close wise senior companion, and it is vital. And here CM partially undertakes such role since we see that 45% of subscribers are young people! Probably, they find answers to questions, actual for them, in service.

Specifics of consumption of the service CM the youth which in many respects is brought up on ideal " models; the western lifestyle, is that they more, than adults, pay attention to technical and social image of service: formats of files, compatibility with the equipment, profitability of consumption, ergonomics etc. Children of progress as I playfully call them, today on first-name terms with the most modern equipment - an era scientifically - information revolution prevails. They demanded expansion of communication opportunities of the service CM means of multimedia. We reacted to inquiry in time and included in business - the plan the whole complex of actions for development of this direction. However specific voice service MMS exactly the adults making nevertheless most of subscribers demanded. Probably, they have more problems, than at the younger generation that is natural. Everyone reads

- understands - applies CM as it is necessary for it, owing to what it is focused work and creativity at present on. Also it turns out, Council for Millions of people who will use your goods or service, or Council for Millions of Rubles which you receive as a result of the project! Anyway, your work has to be the most qualitative! This requirement to life does the service Council for Millions unique. So - that here!

DB: My acquaintance, the businessman, does not burden the brain reading philosophical works and works of classics. Nevertheless, its business successfully develops in force of two reasons: the rigid and thought-over management and ability to consider. According to her, Councils for Millions are not necessary to it, therefore, they are necessary only to the weak, not understood themselves people?

M. Shch.: In - the first, you can hardly know for certain than and when your acquaintance burdens the brain . Nobody can tell what goes in another person`s mind, to deal with the. In - the second, its business successfully develops just because it the person with the unlimited design horizon, and this fact speaks about its rather high development and experience of the head. In - the third, you what, you control its mobile phone?!

the Main requirements to mobile service stated by listeners of MASP in Moscow concerned a possibility of its receiving: a) incognito; b) quickly; c) carrying out expenses on accounts department of firm. In particular, the last says that the main target audience is made by heads as business - structures, and public institutions to which use of the mobile phone is paid by their office.

A weak is vital to become strong, and here all services are good, helping the person to become independent! A task - to pick up individually that service which is most effective for it.

Advertising module No. 3. Council for Millions: polyphony, realtones, MP3

of a DB: I think, it is more preferable to the businessman not the general reasonings and collective imaginations, and concrete recommendations concerning his business. Really collective shamanism can replace an efficient confidential professional advice?

M. Shch.: You are, judging by a question, are badly acquainted with Service. The person receives the recommendation what here " on the mobile phone; collective imaginations ?! It what, at decision-making collects round tables from secretaries, protection and junior managers? All responsibility on it and only on it, and CM offers it a certain vision of the working day. Depends only on it, how exactly it interprets the received infa and as will arrive! Same

what you speak about, is called coaching. Visit the website of any training company and take an interest in the price of individual coaching, CM will instantly gain appeal in your eyes! In Academy we conduct coaching - sessions for the corresponding payment, please, we will communicate individually

of a DB: But on trainings you learn everything to call in question. What you will advise those who doubt efficiency CM ?

M. Shch.: Everything needs to be called in question, it is time. Practice of your real life - the only right criterion of the validity for you this or that postulate. But! The measure is necessary in everything, even in doubts, to defend silly stubborn obvious upon delusion - two. And three: nobody criticizes the opera, without having listened to the end of it! I am always open for dialogue, I even seek for it because feedback is important for me! Main motto of doctors, lawyers and teachers: DO NOT DO MUCH HARM! Therefore I am ready to accept any claims, but meanwhile them did not arrive

At live meetings we with clients are more busy with creation and further adjustment tactics - the strategic plan of activity. Also be you the businessman, either the student, or the artist, or in general the creative person, but not to do you without plan of your life. Let your plan be wrong, but it has to be! Otherwise, you - as a weather vane on wind On the good plan a lot of time is required and not under the leadership of Susanin Ivan it is made. In MASP there is a methodical requirement: from the Hypothesis through Experimental approbation to the individual Theory! Here also leaves on high-quality training from three to seven years. Thus, our service Council for Millions allows the subscriber to be always in the information plan ahead of the planet of all that pleases both us, and him, and its immediate environment, it also is confirmed by correspondence of friends about which you spoke right at the beginning.

On my blog on the Mail. ru I am ready to answer any questions in more detail and individually, please, address! We wait for you.

I Thank for attention and thanks to the " magazine; Business digest for the given opportunity to express! All benefits! Good luck!

Council for Millions and your Mikhail Shchelkonogov.

Business - the Digest, No. 4(7), 2007.