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What it is necessary to begin a computer modding with?

are not pleasant to you that your computer does not fit into a general view of the room, breaks color scale, looks not striking or, on the contrary, strongly is evident, there are two exits from current situation: or to change design of the room under the " computer; or to change appearance of the computer, so, that it will become full-fledged part of the room.

As a rule, normal people will not begin to change appearance of the room, adjusting it to a type of the computer, however there are also exceptions confirming rules. Therefore we with quiet conscience will undertake change of our darling and together with it the hated computer. And even if you not the beginner in a modding, and absolutely on the contrary, it is not necessary to fall into a state a berserka and with his eagerness to be accepted for good reason, radical measures will not always yield that result about which we wish to receive.

Is very correct expression about it: Well, you the head here punched a wall and what you will do in the next chamber? . Such here prison humour, but that you will make if and occurs. Everyone wants that its computer looked special, it is better, than at all others. Unfortunately, if to follow the majority of councils on the Internet, nothing original from the computer will turn out. As councils often begin with the same council - to cut through a window in the system unit. And why, in what sense? To see computer interiors - so just uncover and enjoy.

If you decided to turn your computer into something beautiful and original, then the following recommendations for you.

The first that should be made is to stock up is not present, not the tool and not materials though it is required too. It is required to stock up with patience. The Modding, especially professional, begins not with a raskurochivaniye of the system unit with other hardware of the computer, and from search of idea.

Where to find idea?

If it is honest, rather simple to b to look round. We look back and that we see oh, here idea. The disk with " caught sight; True story of the Red " Cap;. There is a lot of ideological characters, but most of all I like the squirrel suffering from caffeine dependence so is my choice.

Is some more ways how to think up idea, for example, I sometimes use it:

1) We make a collection of abstract drawings for a desktop, something about 2000 - 3000.

2) We put on a slide - show.

3) We lean back on a chair back (a chair, a sofa ). Also we look until lights up us.

One more way of search of idea is a drawing up the original name a modding - the project. For example: Pink " armored personnel carrier; Blue yupitersky corals , The Tank - a limousine or can even remember an old joke the writer:

The writer brought the book in edition, the Editor it read

and speaks:

- Here all at you well and only the name not really. You would add something space, or mystical, even a little with a sexual bias, well is possible or, eventually, at least hint at cruelty. this writer brought to

I the new name for the book " next day; The Bloody orgy in Martian hell .

So include the imagination on full and forward more safely.

If the problem with idea is solved, it is possible to consider that we already did a quarter of a way. Now we start thoughts how to realize our idea: we look on a sistemnik, the monitor, the keyboard, a mouse and other hardware gadgets. We watch what they boring and uninteresting. We take several blank sheets and we begin to write out the most high points of our idea. In we wash a case Big eyes, two rows of the teeth incommensurable to the head, the camera hanging on a neck, a tail light-a brown coloring, a cup of coffee .

Wrote out and half-affairs it is made. And how to correlate all this to the computer? - the logical question arises. Unfortunately, all further is a free flight of your imagination. So it is necessary to stock up with paper and to turn for some time into the artist - the draftsman, to present how it is possible to change various components of the computer and to represent all this on paper, it is desirable in several options. To look at the arts and to understand that the word the artist comes from the word poorly, as in my option; or it will be pleasant to you, and you will consider yourself by new Raphael... But all the same, we choose the most acceptable option and we begin to design.

But it is already absolutely other itoriya.

The Modding is a creativity, and it is various. However it is not necessary to pull out all fittings of the computer, to stamp it in a garbage can and to consider it as the supermegarulezny decision, believe, than - what, and it will definitely not be it.