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How it is correct to paint a tree?

the Speech, of course, not about a live tree with green leaflets, and - about products from a tree. Happens, the person who is carried away by drawing lights up idea to embody the imaginations on a tree. There is an idea, and the rest seems unimportant. But you should not hurry. A tree - not paper: it is a pity to spoil initially beautiful thing. And such things - a set: doors of cases, stools, scraps of boards, and still finished products under a list - caskets, nested dolls, Easter eggs, chopping boards, Christmas tree decorations, glasses, vases, plateaus, beads and figures of animals.

It is better to buy such preparations in shops for artists. There the choice on all tastes, and the wood of high quality which is correctly sawn, well dried up and processed. In household shops wooden products (boards, spoons) too qualitative, but it is frequent - under a varnish.

A varnish from them it is necessary to etch acetone and to zashkurivat a surface. It is necessary to arrive also with furniture details. It is long and tiresome work. In the markets it is possible to buy beautiful and inexpensive preparations, but it happens that they - from badly dried up or sick tree. Except tortures, work with such product will bring nothing. The tree can to prepare and without participation of the person. For example, the board which lay several years in a shed at the dacha, after a zashkurivaniye is quite suitable under a list.

From breeds of a tree the best - a linden and a birch. Slightly worse an oak and a beech (they have a dense surface, but the streak which are badly painted over is a lot of dark). The pine can be taken only with industrial processing, i.e. rested in bed, dried up and polished. Other breeds bring many efforts, inflating from water, changing color of paints or taking away in itself a varnish in large quantities.

A tree - material beautiful, but whimsical. It - live. Breathes, inflates or it shrinks, bursts or stratified. Has knots of which gets rid over time. Can to eat paint or to change its color to unrecognizability. And the surface can not give in to alignment. Therefore, for good coupling of paint with a surface and for closing of a time, the tree is always grounded.

It is possible to use purchased acrylic soil. And it is possible simply: on 100 ml of water to take 6 - 10 drops of PVA glue, to stir and to apply with a wide brush on a product - at first down, then across that there was no bald spot left. It is necessary to ground twice or three times, every time completely drying up a product. Still it is possible to ground one varnish coat of PF (parquet). It is possible to ground background, for example, black paint in mix with PVA at once. On flat surfaces it is more convenient to use the small roller.

If it is necessary to hide a chip, a crack or a big knot, it is possible to use qualitative filling, rubbing it several times in deepening and completely drying every time until the surface is leveled. Then this place should be impregnated with PF varnish that filling did not drop out over time, and it is easy to otshkurit the fulfilled skin.

Only after a primer it is possible to put or translate the conceived drawing. Sequence of a list on a tree such: at first big background pieces of a surface, then smaller are painted.

On them - one color become underpaintings (sketches of figures or flowers) the ornament is also marked. Then there is a portrayal of details of these figures and an ornament. The last stage - finishing. This drawing of fine details of a decor, points, inkings, addition of jewelry of gel.

You should not forget that drawing has to be sustained in the style suitable to the invoice of a tree, i.e. laconic and accurate, it is desirable with an inking. It is better to take paints for a tree more simply - acryle or gouache with PVA. Oil and distemper - paints for skilled artists. The water color is suitable only for toning of not painted over surfaces.

At a list it is possible to apply a set of effects, the benefit the choice of materials is big. There are paints, gels and varnishes imitating metal, glass, hoarfrost, a stone, leather of reptiles, a patina, gold, bronze, the silver giving 3D - effect, luminescent or with spangles. Before coloring on a surface it is possible to paste pieces of a color foil, beads. But all - the main thing - interesting and beautiful drawing which does a thing unique.

The last stage of work on drawing on a tree - varnishing. The most available varnishes - PF diluted Whyte - a spiritist. From simple parquet when gloss and enough 1 - 2 varnish coats is optional to paint fixing, and to expensive quick-drying varnishes, brilliant or opaque. Each varnish coat is dried up, and on it pass a soft skin, then remove dust and again varnish. So repeat several times before receiving ideally plain opaque or glossy surface. The brush has to be flat and rigid, without the dropping-out bristle.

If you decided to execute drawing on a tree, do not scorn these opinion, and then your creation will long live.